View Full Version : Mouth Piggy Ate Plastic?!?!?!

Guineas Galore
12-04-14, 11:02 pm
Okay so Cookie pulled some glad-wrap from the bin through the cage, I don't know how.

Anyway she was chewing it and maybe eating it? I'm freaking out!! What do I do?!

(I've moved the bin obviously)

12-04-14, 11:07 pm
I have had this happen before with my guineas and me leaving the veggie bag to close ( very impatient lil piggies) first off it is a choking hazzard but if it been a while and ur piggy seams fine i doubt that will be a problem but the next is if she ate a large amount it can cause blockage so keep a close eye on her and if you even see the slightest thing different the her norm get her checked (less pooping not eating as much or not moving around) but if you see she is acting normally and after a few days nothing seems off then you should be in the clear but do not hesitate to take her in to the vet if you feel its necessary!!!!!!!!! YOu know YOUR piggy best youll know if somthing off!

Guineas Galore
12-04-14, 11:10 pm
crittercorner Thanks for the quick response, shes just chilling now >_>

12-04-14, 11:25 pm
Your welcome!

12-04-14, 11:53 pm
Flexible plastic that can't cut the intestines usually passes fine. You do have to watch for signs of a blockage. Not eating, not pooping, or any sign of bloat.