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Nicholas Davis
12-04-14, 03:45 pm
Wow what a week... I need to vent and get some advice... To start My first pig honey started bleeding from her vagina. She had a UTI, She is now all better.

2 days after vet visit I noticed my boy Baby Toby(who was no longer a baby) was not eating and loosing weight. He and his brother do not get along and always have had to be separate. Even with a 250g difference the smaller of the brother would have BT running for his life. So I immediately quarantine the 3 pigs in the cage in boxes. No one else shows any signs but BT goes downhill fast. Diagnosed as a URI. I was giving Bactrim for what reason I am not sure. I force fed him pedilyte and critical care. Finally Saturday after showing signs of improvement he began weeping in pain and died in my arms. It really threw me into a state of depression because he started to rally and I thought he was getting better.

That night I go to feed my girls. I notice one pig not going for food and kind of hopping around in pain. I pick her up and she goes limp and starts squirming. I put her in the cage ad she rolls onto her back. I pick her pack up and she stops breathing. I open her mouth and it's filled with Pellet Mash. I try to clear her throat but it was to no avail she passed. Honestly the weirdest moment of my life. I hadn't stuck to my schedule that day due to being so upset over Baby Toby and it happened to be the moment I came in to feed the veggies that she must have started choking. After she passed I continued to clear her throat and noticed her teeth were misaligned. Causing her molars to literally be in the center of her mouth almost blocking her throat. Her other teeth were on the side of her mouth.

Fast forward 3 days. Fluffy who is in an entirely different cage than any of the aforementioned pigs is now barley eating and not drinking. So I start on critical care and pedilyte. My Vet is gone for a few days but due to the same symptoms as BT It seems like its almost the same symptoms, she has gone down much quicker but seems like she takes to the force feeding much much better. She auctually wants to eat and cant. I do not trust other vets around the area as I've had 2 misdiagnoses in the past which one led to death and the other a last minute save, Not to mention with 2 Cremations (And one on my deformed pig in October) And 3 Vet visits recently my $1500 emergency fund has been depleted in the worse month of the year. I can honestly pray that no other pig gets sick.

I feel bad for Fluffy because I feel like in the midst of my depression I caught it later than I should. I noticed her slowing down and waited 2 days before I really started doing what is necessary with a sick pig. I'll never no if it would have made a difference but I can only hope she makes it and that she is the last to get sick. I also wish I had Baytril as that has worked wonders for me in the past.

12-04-14, 04:02 pm
Oh wow, I'm so sorry that's quite a lot to deal with! It's hard enough to lose one pig but all this I'm so sorry :( I hope Fluffy pulls through!

12-04-14, 04:13 pm
Good luck with Fluffy and I'm so sorry for your loss.

12-04-14, 08:47 pm
Wow, that's all horrible to go through, I can't even imagine. I hope Fluffy gets better!

12-05-14, 03:28 pm
I'm so sorry. Hope fluffy is okay, sending you hugs.

12-05-14, 04:00 pm
If she has a UTI the blood isn't from her vagina, it's from her bladder and urinary tract system.

I'm so sorry about the loss of Toby and the other one.

Do you weigh your guinea pigs? Usually when a pig's teeth get so bad they are trapping the tongue, they haven't been eating normally for quite some time, and probably losing weight. If you weigh them weekly, you can notice any weight loss and act accordingly. The fact that Fluffy wants to eat but can't makes me think it's probably a dental problem.