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12-04-14, 12:46 pm
This morning when I went to check on the boys (Peanut and the recently weaned baby Twix), I noticed one of Peanut's ears and his feet were really red and warm with blood (on the inside). Also, I moved the food bowl to refill it and there were a few bloody shavings! I checked them over almost immediately and didn't notice any cuts or anything. Can anyone help me and tell me what this is? I'm so scared for Peanut and don't know what's wrong!!

12-04-14, 12:53 pm
I just checked them again (the first time was actually a couple of hours ago) and the coloring of Peanut ears and feet are now more or less normal. I should add the are acting normally and eating like pigs.

12-04-14, 02:35 pm
Can you get a couple pictures? Pardon if this seems like a stupid question, but have you fed them any tomatoes/cherries/red fruits recently? I know I have given myself quite a few mini heart attacks when I've forgotten that I fed my piggies a red fruit earlier that day, and wake up to find red "blood" everywhere!

This is just a shot in the dark, but could it be urine scald? Found this post http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/red-back-feet-with-picture.82175/

Other than that, I have no idea what it could be. I'm sure some more experienced people will answer though :)

12-04-14, 02:44 pm
One of the things that I thought of when I read your post was could Peanut have scratched his ear hard enough to make it bleed. If so, that could have accounted for the blood on his feet. I did look on the Guinea Lynx medical site and it said that a pig can be affected with ear mites. I know that ear mites in a cat will make them paw at their ears until they bleed. How does the inside of Peanut's ear look? Does there seem to be a brown discharge?

I'm sorry I can't offer you more help. Hopefully, another member will be able to join in and offer some advice.

I'm happy to read that Peanut seems to be okay now.

12-04-14, 07:06 pm
dani_starr no, I'm sure it wasn't tomatoes or anything. he hasn't had anything red since yesterday morning. Urine scald sounds possible, but since another post about his feet, I have been keeping the cage VERY clean. Also, the picture in the post you linked didn't work. And the redness was like when you have a fever and your blood vessels rise and you turn red and sweat or whatever to cool off.
Kelsie I meant inside like blood vessels. Not where you or mites can reach. Thanks though!

All earlier signs are gone. I cleaned out the bloody shavings (there weren't any more, thank goodness) and they are doing fine. I will post later if anything else happens. Thanks for your help!