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12-03-14, 12:39 pm
My guinea pig has walking dandruff! I saw little white dandruff looking things on his fur and then I saw it move! I have Ivermectin and syringes. I read it can cause a rash on people, so now I know why My legs and arm have been itchy and redish. Any advice?

12-03-14, 12:53 pm
Those are lice of some sort.

Which ivermectin do you have? Post a picture of the label and of the syringes, and we'll help you figure a dose.

12-03-14, 01:05 pm
I have the topical ivermectin. I got it from another cavy owner who treats her guinea pigs with it. And it is in a very tiny bottle. sorry the picture isn't the best. I have a digital camera and it doesn't take the best pictures. 70814 70815 The topical ivermectin I have doesn't have a label sorry. But the lady said to put a drop behind each ear and and drop on the bum. I also have some latex free gloves I can use if needed

12-03-14, 01:07 pm
btw I don't plan on using the pigloo that's in the first pic

12-03-14, 01:09 pm
This isn't my picture but this is what the dandruff looks like. 70816 bpatters

12-03-14, 01:14 pm
I think that's static lice. You could look up a picture at GL if you wanted.

What does the strength of the ivermectin say? Should be something like a percent solution, or some number of mg. per ml.

12-03-14, 01:18 pm
The cap says P.+0.25 Is that like a percent solution or something bpatters?

12-03-14, 01:27 pm
Not that I recognize. The information should be on the label. What brand is it? I might be able to look it up.

12-03-14, 01:28 pm
There is no label. I have used this before when they had mites. I had put a drop behind each ear every week for 3 weeks.

12-03-14, 01:40 pm
Also. I will be doing a cage clean, wipe down of food bowls, water bottle. Pretty much everything in their cage bpatters.

12-03-14, 01:47 pm
Okay. If there's no label and you've used it before, go ahead. You may have to do four or five treatments for lice.

12-03-14, 01:50 pm
Okay. If there's no label and you've used it before, go ahead. You may have to do four or five treatments for lice.
Thank-you bpatters.

12-05-14, 03:36 pm
I have a mini broom that I use to sweep my guinea pigs cage. How would I clean it?

12-05-14, 03:51 pm
If it's plastic or synthetic you can wash it. If it's straw you can't. Perhaps you could soak it in bleach and let it dry out thoroughly? Not sure.

12-05-14, 05:12 pm
I would just get a new one personally. You can get them for a buck a piece at the dollar store. I got a really nice silver one with gray bristles.

To me, it seems that it would be more of a hassle to wash and dry a bristled brush, then to just cut the loss and get a new one. :)

12-05-14, 05:36 pm
In order to get to a dollar store me and my dad would have to cross the highway, and my dad doesn't have a car. Do you think that the lice would die on the mini broom?