View Full Version : Neutering/Spaying Risks of neuter surgery with head tilt?

12-03-14, 10:40 am
I'm adopting a skinny pig in the next few days. He has permanent head tilt from an ear infection that took him a long time to get over, but he's healthy now otherwise. Are there any surgical risks for pigs with head tilt? I'd like to neuter him and get him a girlfriend once he's put on some weight.

I called my vet and he said that there were no risks "that he knew of," but I thought I'd get a second opinion here.

12-03-14, 10:46 am
I don't think there should be any problem. The head tilt is at the other end of the pig. :-)

12-03-14, 10:52 am
I was worried about aspiration or vomiting while under anesthesia because I've heard that head tilt pigs sometimes have difficulty with eating and swallowing. Hopefully it will be no problem. Thank you bpatters :)

12-03-14, 10:57 am
They can't vomit. And if the anesthesiologist/anesthetist is good, there shouldn't be any danger of aspiration.

12-03-14, 11:23 am
Awesome, that puts my mind at ease. Just being overly cautious I guess. Thanks again!