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12-02-14, 07:20 pm
Hi, I'm Yaotl, which means "warrior" in nahuatl.
These are my piggies:
L to R
Boys: Rowan aka "Blackface", Roman aka "Spider Boy", Girls: Elefsis, Eavea aka "Big Piggie", Ceno aka "T-Face"

On the end is my bunny Milkshake, but he died on Sept 16 during amputation surgery, after he jumped out of my arms and broke his left humerus. :( :( :( :( :( :(

12-02-14, 07:26 pm
Hello! Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry about your rabbit's death. When I was little a rabbit jumped out of my arms and broke his leg. He walked with a permanent limp after that.
Your piggies are adorable!

12-02-14, 07:36 pm
Welcome to the forum.

But I hope you don't have your males and females housed together. Breeding guinea pigs is a risky business, with lots of deaths of sows and pups and painful genetic diseases.

12-02-14, 07:37 pm
Welcome! Very cute piggies :) The T-face thing made me laugh, very accurate description!

12-02-14, 07:38 pm

So sorry about your rabbit. :( Welcome to the forum! Your piggies are ADORABLE.