View Full Version : Bedding Switched for a while

12-02-14, 07:10 pm
I switched from pellets covered with another bedding to straight mini flakes bedding. My myelogram showed 4 lumbar bulging disks the are causing mild stenosis at l2/l3, moderate stenosis at l3/l4 and severe stenosis at l4/l5. So I am hoping for surgery soon. I have done the PT and just finished 4 sets of bilateral EPI shots. I probably won't be able to clean their cage for 2 months so this will be the easiest for my family. Wish me luck!

12-02-14, 07:41 pm
Just make sure those flakes don't have a strong pine odor.

12-02-14, 07:54 pm
Nope they don't and they don't have the odor control that the wood pellets had, so it will have to be fully cleaned more often.