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12-02-14, 02:47 pm
Who's There is 6 years old and has molar problems. Almost 4 months ago he had them filed down. He is showing the same problems and has had his fronts trimmed already. Even with pain meds I can tell he still has pain, he stays hunched in his tent all the time. I feel so bad that he's in pain so I set up a appointment to have him PTS on Friday. He will only eat his critical care/mush mixture, a few shredded carrot pieces and maybe a bite of banana. So he is losing interest in food now too. He's never had free range so last night knowing this was coming, I locked up the cats and let him roam, he acted like a young pig again and I thought maybe it was too soon to think about him being put down. Today he was back to hunching over again. I am thinking a few more days of free roaming for him to let him forget his pain for a bit. Just trying to give him a good send off, am I wrong to think this way?

12-02-14, 02:54 pm
It's a hard decision to make. I tend to err on the side of putting an animal down sooner than later. They don't have any concept of time as we know it, so no particular enjoyment of anything being the last time(s) they get to do something. And if they're in pain, I don't think the extra days serve any purpose for them. For us maybe, but not for them.

12-02-14, 07:54 pm
This is a horrible decision that I believe no owner should ever have to make. Unfortunately, sometimes the decision comes anyways. :(

The extra days will probably not do him much good. The best thing you can do for him now is to make these last few days the best he's ever had before.

So sorry, sending you hugs.