View Full Version : Hello from N. Carolina, new to forum!

12-02-14, 01:39 pm
Hello, just introducing myself and my piggies. I am a stay at home mom to 3 school age kids and four female piggies (which we obsess over). We also have four dogs, 5 hamsters and a fish (betta). Our girls live in a 2x6 c&c with a 1x2 loft and L shaped side kitchen which is 3x3. We are not new to guinea pigs, but we are so glad we found this forum.
Everyone on here seems very friendly and helpful, we get tons of ideas for our girls.

12-02-14, 02:11 pm
Welcome. Pictures please!!

12-02-14, 02:16 pm
I second the pictures :D Welcome to the forum :)

12-02-14, 03:24 pm

Here are two of my girls the others are on my phone I'll have to get. First one is Oreo and second is Cookie

12-02-14, 03:36 pm
Too cute! They both have really nice markings.