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10-08-05, 06:51 pm
I'm might be getting a new piggie!!!!!Tommorow I'm going the the local SPCA that has a single male pig there. I don't think they know much about guinea pigs though. They say to feed him alfalfa even though he's an adult. His name is Patches, but if I get him I'm changing it to Bacon. The only reason I won't get him is if he and Chewie don't get along. I'm going to introduce Chewie and Bacon together first because Chewie doesn't really get along with anyone else in the cage and by introducing them first I'm hoping they'll bond and be a closer to each other. Which brings me to my question. If I take Chewie into meet the new pig, do I still quarintine? Do I quarintine Chewie with the new one? They'll all be in the 3x5 cage with a 1x3 loft after the quarintine.

Now I'll shut up and get to what your all waiting for... the picture!!lol


10-08-05, 07:00 pm
oh hes VERY cute. Nice pick...hehe i wrote Nick Pice. (sorry)

10-08-05, 07:04 pm
Aww sooo cute.

To quarentine is to keep them seperate (different rooms) for up to 3 weeks to make sure they don't catch anything from each other. I didn't quarentine Finn (only for maybe a week) and later all of a sudden Toup'e got sick. So i'd quarentine them for at least 2 weeks. Check around your vets and see if they give free check ups to new pets. Some do some dont, here they give free check ups to new pets, but if something is rong witht he pet then you have to pay for every thing but that way you get a free check up.

I hope you get to adopt the little cutie

10-08-05, 07:11 pm
I can understand wanting to know if the two of them well get along, but you are putting Chewie at risk by introducing him to a shelter animal. You can call the shelter and ask about certain things, they may be a great shelter, and if he is separate from other guineas, and has been there 3 weeks with no problems, then the risk may be very low. In a perfect situation, you would bring Bacon home or to a friend or relatives, wait 3 weeks and then introduce him to Chewie. I would think long and hard about the benifits and risks of doing this. Last thing you need is another guinea ganging up on Chewie, however you don't want his health to be the price of premature introductions.

If you do introduce them, then I would qarentine them together afterwards. Maybe it would help if they spent 3 weeks together and then met the rest of the crew... May feel like they have a friend in the park...

Honestly I am not sure what I would do in your situation... Maybe adopt him and quarentene him separately, then introduce him to Chewie, if they don't get along after a week or two, look at rehoming Bacon yourself?

Generally the only place where it is really safe to introduce a new pig to match for personality is at a reputable rescuer...

10-08-05, 07:24 pm
Honestly I am not sure what I would do in your situation... Maybe adopt him and quarentene him separately, then introduce him to Chewie, if they don't get along after a week or two, look at rehoming Bacon yourself?

Do you honestly think I could adopt a pig and then say "Oh, I don't want him anymore." I wouldn't want to do that to him. I couldn't.

I'm thinking I will take my chance at illness with Chewie. I'm pretty sure he will be ok, but if he does get sick, I have a great vet. I mean I risk getting sick everytime I go to school. Ok, maybe not.

Oh, the drama:melodrama heehee.

10-08-05, 07:35 pm
Do you honestly think I could adopt a pig and then say "Oh, I don't want him anymore." I wouldn't want to do that to him. I couldn't.

I can understand... I don't think I could either.

I'm thinking I will take my chance at illness with Chewie. I'm pretty sure he will be ok, but if he does get sick, I have a great vet. I mean I risk getting sick everytime I go to school. Ok, maybe not.

This is true, however a chest infection is not a life threatening condition for you. I would sleep on it, decide in the morning what is right. Hopefully it will go ok.

One thing I would consider if you do get him is give a mite / lice treament with either Ivermectin or Revolution to both Chewie and the new one just as a preventative. I am suggesting Chewie because if the new one is infested, they will jump to Chewie before they are all killed off.

Bacon is a doll though. Try to keep in mind though that if Chewie is a little grumpy that it may not look like a perfect match at the first meeting, however if given a few days, they may work it out... Maybe giving Chewie 3 weeks with the new one would change the dynamics in the group when they rejoin...

I dunno... Hopefully somone else can shed some insight on this...

10-08-05, 07:38 pm
He is a cute little munchkin!

Percy's Mom
10-08-05, 08:40 pm
If you do take Chewie to introduce him to Bacon, and they get along well, I think quarentining them together is probably a good idea. They'll have already been around each other anyway, so no one would get lonely while you keep the new guy away from everyone else for a couple weeks. Would Chewie miss his other cagemates though?

10-08-05, 08:46 pm
I'm pretty sure he wouldn't miss the other pigs. They aren't really bonded. I think that is the best choice. I just don't want to subject Chewie to ilness. Maybe I should get one of those hazmat uniforms. :rolleyes:

Percy's Mom
10-08-05, 08:51 pm
:crazy: I just got an image of a teeny tiny hazmat suit for Chewie. TOO funny! Patches/Bacon is SO adorable. I don't know how you could resist him, and if Chewie is the deciding factor, I would personally risk it and bring him along. As long as you can keep an eye on them both and could get them to the vet at the first sign of anything, you should be fine quarantining them together away from everyone else.

10-09-05, 10:46 am
WEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He's HOME!!! I decided to take Chewie in with me to meet him. Patches does indeed have mites,poor baby, so I will give all the pigs in my house preventintive ivermectin, just to make sure.

Bacon (Patches) is a sweetheart time 10. He's really laid back and he and Chewie just hit it off. ON the car ride home they were all cuddled up. Bacon has a really cool voice/wheek, it sounds different from any wheek I've heard.

I'm in love and so is Chewie.

Percy's Mom
10-09-05, 10:47 am
YEAH! That is so fantastic that Chewie and Bacon get along so well. I just know everyone will have a long happy life together! :)

10-09-05, 11:16 am
Great, congrats! He certainly is adorable, and the name Bacon is great!

10-09-05, 12:52 pm
I'm so glad you decided to adopt him. He is the sweetest thing. Glad to hear Chewie and him are fast friends. Have fun with that lot of boys!!!

10-09-05, 01:34 pm
I think he may have been in an abusive home, he's terrified of my hand when I try to pet him and screams bloody murder. He's fine once you get him out though. He's a talker too, lots of little contented pig noises.

He's eating like a pig, which is a good thing. When I put hay in the cage, he went sprinting over to it, I think he's nibbled the pellets, and he's eating veggies really good. I was shocked he ate so soon.

10-09-05, 03:36 pm
My Callie is the way. The girl I got her from wasn't mean but we think the guy who dumped her at Petco had something to do with it. She wheeks real loud when you even lay a hand on her to pet her and takes off like a bat out of heck. She calms down once you hold her but she doesn't like to be messed with. I just keep trying. :)

10-09-05, 03:56 pm
Oh, congrats! Chewy is so cute!

The screaming when you pick him up may have something to do with his mites. My Brownie screams when I pick her up, and she has been treated for mites. I think it is just that she is scared. She is the only one of my pigs that does this. She has had lots of vet visits though, maybe she thinks she is going to the vet!-haha

10-09-05, 04:07 pm
Chewy is cute, look at that face.

10-09-05, 04:33 pm
He's so cute!!! And he sounds like a great friend for Chewie. And wheeking already? That's a good start! Guess he knows who the cavy slave is. Hehehe.

10-09-05, 04:39 pm
Congrats on your new addition but since Bacon has mites, you will need to do full treatments with all the pigs, not just one preventative treatment for the rest if they are all together. If only chewie and bacon are together then keep them together in quarantine for at least 3 weeks or longer if the mites are not gone and give the others preventative treatment. I remember what happened the last you adopted a new pig. You didn't do a full quarantine. This time it's very important that you do a full quarantine in another room because of the mites.

Percy's Mom
10-09-05, 04:51 pm
Chewy is cute, look at that face.
That pigture is of Bacon I believe.

10-09-05, 05:50 pm
Ly, I know that much. Only Chewie and Bacon are together. Believe me, I don't want everyone to have mites. Should I give the preventive treatment as soon as I get the ivermectin or before I introduce everyone together(in three weeks or so)?

Yeah the picture is of Bacon, there are pictures of Chewie in my gallery though.

10-09-05, 05:58 pm
I would give Bacon and Chewie 3 doses each because they are now together and Chewie will have a high risk of getting mites. I would give the other boys 2 treatments starting when you give Bacon and Chewie their 2nd dose. Just please make sure that Bacon (especially) and Chewie are showing no signs of mites before introducing them to the other boys.

10-09-05, 07:08 pm
He won't be going in with anyother pig besides Chewie for awhile. I found a lump on his neck and he has REALLY bad impaction. There's like a solid chunk of poop about half an inch by an inch and a half wide. I feel so bad for him. We're taking him to the vet this week.

I really hope this wasn't a mistake. :ashamed:

Percy's Mom
10-09-05, 07:33 pm
Poor little Bacon! I'm sure he'll be OK. Chewie won't have it any other way.

10-09-05, 07:43 pm
He's soo good, he just sits there on his back and lets me try to chisel some of the impaction out, every now and then he would turn and kiss me. He's too sweet to be so sick, poor lil guy. I just feel so bad for him.

Percy's Mom
10-09-05, 07:52 pm
That is just too sweet that even while you're trying to clean out the impaction he's giving you kisses. Have you tried maybe a warm washcloth to soften things up a little and relax his muscles? That's the only thing non-toxic I can think of other than mineral oil.

10-09-05, 08:01 pm
Yeah, I tried warm water, that just made him wet and impacted, it didn't help much. I've gone through about forty q-tips trying to get it out. I'm gonna keep working on it, but I hope the vet will have something to help with that.

10-09-05, 08:09 pm
Keep trying though to get all of the impaction out. He will feel so much better when you do. I hope the lump is nothing majorly serious. Where is the lump located on him?

10-09-05, 08:21 pm
Dagwell, I coming to kidnap boacon lollol

10-09-05, 09:26 pm
The lump is under his chin. It's not like visable, but when you touch his chin you can feel a spongy ball shape. About the size of a gumball.

10-09-05, 09:50 pm
He is going to have a happy home!

10-09-05, 10:13 pm
HE POPCORNED!!! YAY!! That makes me so happy, I was worried about him for a bit, he was just laying there sleeping. I'm glad he's moving around and eating and stuff.

10-10-05, 02:55 am
Is it visible on the picture? I was going to ask if he had a lump under his chin, but then thought it was the lighting. I hope the vet can get rid of it.

10-10-05, 04:21 am
I have a hard time seeing it up close. I thought it was just a lil' fat roll. Though you can see a bit of a bald patch under his chin, thats where about the lump is.

10-10-05, 12:03 pm
It could be an abscess, a tumor or a cyst. Since it's under his chin, it could be in the lymph node. I am glad you will be taking him to the vet this week. I hunted on gl a little and found this thread for you to read. http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23130

10-10-05, 01:10 pm
It looks like it may be a abscess, he has a little bit of a scab there and a little bit of hair loss. There is only one lump that I can tell. I realy hope it's not something life threatining. I can't get to the vet 'till at the VERY earliest tommorow, but that would be a stretch as my Gramma is sick and my mom doesn't get home till after the vet is closed.

How serious do you think this is? I can probably talk my mom into taking an afternoon off for him.

EDIT:: I just got him out to check. There is deffinatly a wound there. Is an abscess easy to take care of? I can't find any thing in the medical guide on guinea lynx about lumps.

10-10-05, 01:30 pm
Abcesses have to be drained and flushed every day until they are healed. They heal from the inside out usually. I would get Bacon to a vet soon to have it checked out. If he has a wound, the abscess could have resulted from the wound.

10-10-05, 01:57 pm
How do you drain and flush them? Please tell me I don't have to use needles. **crosses fingers**

10-10-05, 02:01 pm
The vet will have to open it up if it's an abscess and he will start the draining process. Depending on the abscess a drainage tube may be inserted to help drain it and you usually flush using a curved tip syringe (needleless). Most people use chlorhex (I think that's the name of the stuff) for flushing. Amiable is an expert at flushing abscesses as she has had a few pigs with them.

10-10-05, 02:13 pm
Oh yeah, another question, is there anything I can do for the impaction besides just chip away at it? It seems hard for him to poop. I'm guessing the answer is no, but its worth a shot.

I also forgot to say that the lump isn't any bigger than it was yesterday, I figure it's good thats it's not getting bigger.

10-10-05, 02:21 pm
Post on the med forum of gl, Josephine or Pinta may have advice to offer on that. I am wondering if there is more than just impaction going on concerning his intestinal system.

10-10-05, 02:43 pm
I asked over guinealynx, now I'm all nervous. If you wanna check it's called 'Impcation? Or worse,' though you could have figured it out by my screen name. I was glad that I figured out what the lump most likely is now I have to worry about intestestinal problems. Sheesh, poor pig.

Just a random fact, he has five toes on his front right paw. Could that be a result of inbreeding?

10-10-05, 03:01 pm
It's too late to edit the last post. The fifth nail is really just a foot spur. What did his previous owners do to him!? That's probably why he was given up; all his issues.

10-10-05, 03:17 pm
Oh, taking care of an abscess is something the vet has to do. He will need stiches to hold the drain tube in. I had a cat that got abscesses on her hips, 300.00 dollars later and surgery, she never went outside again. Abscesses are not something to wait on. If they rupture, he may need surgery to close it. I would get him in ASAP.

10-10-05, 03:24 pm
Yeah, deffinatly going to a vet. It was just worse having no idea what it is. Now I feel I have a little knowledge, I'm not completely in the dark. I'm going to the vet in the next few days. I have to talk to my mom and she won't be home for at least another hour.

10-10-05, 03:39 pm
Hope you get him to the vet ok! Good luck. ;)

Slap Maxwell
10-10-05, 03:44 pm
Dagwell- if it is an abcessed lymph node I dealt with the same thing twice. The best option is surgery. If you can't afford it, have the vet lance and drain it. For my experience putting a drain in only makes it worse. You need to flush it out every day, a few times a day. He should give you antibiodics, too. Let it close after a few days of nothing coming out and continue ABs.

For one pig this ordeal cost me about $120, $180 for both.

10-10-05, 04:00 pm
Anything to make Bacon better I will do(hah, that sounds like Yoda from starwars.) I will end up having to borrow money from my gramma. It sucks that my first few paychecks when I get a job will go to her, but it will deffinatly be worth it. Is the $120 for the surgery or just draining it?

Thanks for the luck Funnygpigs.

Slap Maxwell
10-10-05, 04:06 pm
The $120 was for the lancing and draining. Surgery will be upwards of $300. Since mine was done a couple times it might run you less.

There will probably always be scar tissue there, making a little ball. Since there is a scab it sounds like he could have already gone through a unsuccesful procedure.

If this is the case, let me know and I can give you the tips for cleaning it and administering saline or betadine (to flush it).

10-10-05, 04:09 pm
Wow. Three hundred dollars:eek: This is going to be one expensive guinea pig. If I can't get the surgery will the draining be suffeciant? Or is draining just temporary untill you can get the surgery.

I'll take a picture of it, I won't be able to post it for a while because it's one of those disposable digital cameras, but I should have it up by wednesday.

Slap Maxwell
10-10-05, 04:23 pm
I did the lancing first and I wasn't able to get it clean and it came back. Then I did it again and was extra careful to flush everything, and it hasn't come back.

Also, the puss from the abcess is EXTREMELY contagious. Make sure he is completely seperated so it dosen't spread like mine ended up doing to Cali.

10-11-05, 05:38 pm
Wooh, I got one part done. His anal sac is clean as a whistle thanks to a suggestion from someone on guinea lynx. Yay! He seems soo happy. While I was at it I gave him a bath which, surprisingly, he really liked.

I got a scale so I can weigh him to dose him with ivermectin. I'm calling the vet tommorow after school. I also got 3 new water bottles. They only had two.

10-12-05, 06:24 pm
Hmm, well that was a short lived celebration. Less than 24 hours later his impaction is right back. It's no where near as bad as it was, but deffinatly not comfortable for him. I have a vet appointment for next Tuesday. I'm going to discuss his lump and the possiblity of a neuter to help with the impaction. Though I hope his new diet will be enough to solve the issue. His lump doesn't seem to bother him at all, though I don't think he reallly knows how to jump.
He loves his hay and the little upside down rubbermade container hidey house.He likes lettuce and baths. Heh, that sounds like a classified ad for him.