View Full Version : New to the site. Introducing Oreo!

12-01-14, 09:11 pm
Hello! I'd like to introduce you all to my Oreo. He is about 4 years old. We adopted him in October 2013 from a family who no longer was able to devote enough time to him. At the time, we had no idea about guinea pigs, but between this site and GuineaLynx, I was able to find what I needed to properly care for him.

We're still learning and working on getting him a buddy (he's been an only all his life). We had planned to adopt a new piggy over the Thanksgiving break, but unfortunately Oreo got sick (ear infection) so between the visit to the emergency vet and trying to get him back to his happy self, we put that on hold until Christmas break (we have 2 weeks of no school/work to work on it).

Oreo is the sweetest little piggy. He loves to cuddle and be held, especially by "mom" (myself). He's fine if the kids are holding him, but the minute he sees me, he does all he can to get to me for a snuggle. He's truly a mama's boy (I get some teasing for that at work!). He spends pretty much all evening just hanging out with me curled up on my chest (where he currently is)

He has a 2 grid X 5 grid C and C cage lined with pellets and fleece . He was previously in a Living World cage that came with him, but we were finally able to upgrade his home a couple of months ago. (His cage is so large because we anticipate getting him a buddy soon) .

He likes romaine, carrots, cucumbers and is a huge fan of apples, peaches, pears, oranges and watermelon (we give him those only occasionally as a special treat). He hates peppers and tomatoes.

I've gotten some great info from this site. I won't post much, I tend to read and learn, but I just wanted to say hi and say thanks for this site! It has been a huge help as we have gotten to know our little man!

12-01-14, 09:13 pm
Oh what a sweet face!

12-01-14, 09:19 pm
Thanks! I just love him to pieces! We lost our much loved 14 yr old dog in May and Oreo has been a huge comfort!

12-01-14, 09:43 pm
My sympathy on the loss of your dog. It sounds like Oreo really helped to fill that void. Guinea pigs are such wonderful little creatures. They ask so little but give so much. It sounds like Oreo landed in the most perfect home. What a lucky piggie to have such caring owners.

He definitely does have the sweetest face. Good luck in finding him a buddy.

12-01-14, 09:57 pm
Hello, Oreo is so adorable, I want to snuggle him too!

12-01-14, 10:12 pm
Thanks! I had gerbils and hamsters growing up and expected something like that. I never imagined how much this little guy would become such a part of our family.

12-01-14, 10:18 pm
Welcome! Oreo is a cutie!