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11-29-14, 07:11 pm
Hey *waves* I'm Emma - a 17 year old irish teen, born and raised in North Dublin, Ireland. I've been a "cavy slave" for almost 10 years now? Around that. My first pig, a Abby boar named Charlie, passed away in March this year at the age of 9 years old. Heart broken and utterly devastated would be an under statement. I've owned many pigs, mainly older rescues. Currently though I'm a servant to three overly-adorable guineas: 2 female 5 year old agouti sisters, Layla & Laika, who I adopted from the DSPCA. And a male 6 month old English short hair himi, named Happy, who I rescued from a pet store when he was just under 2 months of age. Little Happy is riddled with health issues and requires on going medical care. Due to this, I would appreciate you all respect my decision in housing him alone. I can assure you he is a perfectly happy pig, but due to his health it is not possible for him to have constant guinea pig companionship. He does have "play dates" with my two females (I'm not stupid, they're spayed, no worries) but I'm afraid for his own sake must be kept alone.

as I've mentioned, I live in Ireland. Therefore my pigs have no predators. My girls have an insulated and heated 8ft x 6ft shed which they have 24/7 access to, and from 6am-11pm are free to free range in my garden if they so wish. In winter months, for obvious reasons, they are strictly indoors. I've had bad experiences with other gpig forums due to this, but I can 100% Guarantee you that they are perectly happy, healthy pigs.

I hope to finally have a good experience with a guinea forum, as there's always new things to learn in regards to these floof balls.

Its 1am here so I best be off - see you around!


11-29-14, 07:16 pm
Hi Emma! Welcome to the forum!

11-30-14, 03:53 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum!