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11-28-14, 10:52 am
Hello, my name is Rae! First off, I'm so happy to find a new home here with all of you wonderful people! :D I am sure and full of hope that I am going to make great friends here. I have one little piggie that I love to pieces. His name is Garth and he is like my son... I would do anything for him. (he's really spoiled) I am planning on getting him a few more friends within a couple of weeks. I am planning on getting three more! The more the merrier!lol:) Once again, I'm so happy to find a home here!

11-28-14, 10:55 am
Hello and welcome to the forum! We'd love to see a pigture of Garth, if you can manage it.

11-28-14, 10:57 am
Yes, my phone is downloading pictures right now so I can post one!

11-28-14, 02:24 pm
:)Welcome to the forum! As Rywen said, we'd love to see Garth! And it's so considerate of you to get him some new friends! I'm sure that if you ever need any help or anything, our lovely forum friends will be able to help! :)