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Jacob Vadovsky
11-27-14, 07:37 pm
Good News Everyone! The day before Thanksgiving the animal shelter gave me a call since my information is on file and approved for a guinea pig. They got in two young boars the night before. They were bought for a 5 year old but he was too rough with them. Thankfully they are fine and have been cleared with a clean bill of health from the shelter's vet. I haven't seen them yet but I trust the shelter so I will be picking them up tomorrow. They are always closed on holidays but the vet is meeting me there to introduce me to them. I have a large temporary cage set up until I can build something more elaborate. The most important thing right now is getting them on a good diet and letting them settle in. I am so excited! They will be staying in my bedroom where they will be allowed regular floor time. I am still thinking of names for them but I want it to be after a famous duo. I will post pictures as soon as everyone is settled in tomorrow. I told the shelter to let their coloring be a surprise!

11-27-14, 07:48 pm
That's great! Good luck with them, and of course, we will beg for pigtures, so get ready for some posting!:D

11-27-14, 07:52 pm
-starts begging- ;)

Jacob Vadovsky
11-27-14, 08:03 pm
You'll see them shortly after I do!! I haven't even seen them yet! When they said they don't have pictures I told them to keep the color a surprise. They are young so they should be easy to tame. I hope they become friendly with me. I really like feeding pigs their veggies! They are like little vacuums.

11-27-14, 08:04 pm
Major congratulations, I can't wait to see pigtures! :D

11-27-14, 08:09 pm
LMAO at "they are like little vacuums. I'm dying LOL

11-27-14, 08:13 pm
That is so true about the vacuums! We have only had our first new little piggie for 3 days...and that is the thing that has impressed me most, and my kids get an absolute hoot out of feeding her veggies. We have a wonderful family time of it! Can't wait to see your pics!

Jacob Vadovsky
11-27-14, 08:15 pm
They are!! Whenever I am around them I just sit there handing them hay. They suck it in just like a vacuum! The only thing better than that is when they are happy and they do that little dance! I know you guys call it something.

11-27-14, 08:16 pm
You must mean popcorning!

Jacob Vadovsky
11-27-14, 08:33 pm
Yes! That's what it's called! I am going to try fleece bedding for them. I am just using a fleece blanket and a towel underneath for now but I will sew up some nice liners once I get a new needle for my machine. I will be keeping them in a very large dog cage until I build something larger. I made a thick fleece pouch for them to lay on or in and a hidey house with 2 doors. I also found them some Popsicle sticks to chew on. I'm going to make them a hay manger soon. I will be picking up some fresh greens and a bell pepper in the morning before I pick them up. I will try to not bother them and just lay on my bed and watch them from a distance until they settle in.

Jacob Vadovsky
11-27-14, 08:39 pm
Hope this isn't too off topic but this is my baby Elcectus parrot, Darwin. My main hobby is caring for parrots. He is almost 9 weeks old and is still being handfed by me. He is my little sidekick. And don't worry parrots don't eat small animals! I usually keep them away from them though since their wing flapping makes most small pets extremely nervous. I guess that is because they are hard wired to be afraid of birds of prey.


11-27-14, 09:26 pm
I'm so excited you're getting piggies!

11-27-14, 10:47 pm
So glad you're getting piggies! I remember the excitement when I got mine. Oh, memories...

11-28-14, 12:57 am
Aw, nice! It always feels so great and refreshing to adopt from a shelter. I'm sure the pigs will adore their new home with you! :--)

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 07:24 am
Just got back to the house with them. They aren't quiet as upset as I was expecting. When I put them in their temp cage they came up to me and sniffed my hand to check me out. The white one took a few gentle nibbles at my knuckle and the brown one was nibbling on my sleeve. I am going to get them a few pieces of veggies to share while they explore their new cage. I'm not sure how old they are but they are not fully grown. It felt so great that they are already checking me out! I will try to leave them be for today and see where we are at tomorrow.70712

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 07:56 am
Lol well I learned the hard way that they are much smaller than I was expecting. They can walk right through the bars of the dog cage. So I am building them a better cage right now. I'll update once I am done with it.

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 08:07 am
Well I somehow found everything I needed in my spare room to make a relatively large cage. 4 wire shelves for sides and grids/wire rack for a lid. It is the size of a 3x3 grid cage. The pigs are in their hidey box and are making little noises back and forth. They seem to like each other. I gave them some romaine lettuce, a few tiny pieces of apple and a few slices of carrots. I love them already. The brown and white one has a snowflake on his head and the white one is wearing eye makeup. They really need names. I want it to be 2 names that go well together. Like a famous duo!

11-28-14, 10:38 am
They're adorable, congratulations! I'd love to see photos of their new cage if you feel like sharing, I adore looking at cage photos.

11-28-14, 10:46 am
They are adorable, congratulations! What about Frick and Frack as names? Just please be sure they have hay and water, those are crucial.

11-28-14, 11:10 am
I would love to see pictures of them upclose and what sex are they? (Did I miss that part)
Also for boys, what about Jake and Tyler :D for girls uhm..Cinnamon and Cinnabon. Lol I'm terrible sorry.

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 01:47 pm
I will get better pictures later. They are still trying to figure out who is boss by humping each other back and forth. They already are comfortable eating their hay and fresh foods. They had a water bottle at the shelter so I can imagine they will be using their new one soon. The white one was even zooming around popcorning. They are both boars. I checked to make sure, haha. I will have to think about the names. Jake and Tyler is me and my best friend since childhood. I will need to build a base for the new cage. But coroplast is not available around here in individual sheets so I will have to get creative. I'd like to raise it off the ground too.70718

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 02:14 pm
Here they are!

11-28-14, 02:15 pm
Nice cage! By the way, the boys are just to cute! Are you deciding on names? Or did you like the ones they came with? (If they came with any) If you want any suggestions, just say so, because I am always excited to help with namings! I'm just weird like that.:D

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 02:25 pm
They did not come with names, haha. I am hoping for 2 names that go well together but aren't too cheesy. If you want to make some suggestions, go ahead. :)

11-28-14, 02:42 pm
Yay! I love this part!


Hans and Olaf
Sven and Kristoff
Cheese and Mouse
Taxi and Cab
Fluffy and Flat


John and Mark
Sean and James
Richard and William


Pip and Squeak
Chubby and Wheeky
Poptart and Cream Puff

I hope you find a set you like! If not here, from someone else.:)

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 03:21 pm
So far my name ideas are Scooter and Skeeter, Crash and Flash, or Chip and Dale.

11-28-14, 03:46 pm
I vote for Chip and Dale, lol.

11-28-14, 03:47 pm
Because you referred to eye makeup it made me think of KISS the band...I'd go with Gene and Ace :-)

11-28-14, 03:49 pm
Some people use Vinyl, or uhm..what's it called lol Linoleum? And have you checked out Fast Signs? Where you in? :D
Edit to add: I vote Chip and Dale

11-28-14, 03:52 pm
I'm confused. Who said anything about eye makeup?

11-28-14, 03:53 pm
I'm confused. Who said anything about eye makeup?
It was used to describe one of the piggys. One has a star, the other looks like its wearing makeup lol

11-28-14, 03:55 pm
Oh! :p Silly me!

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 04:41 pm
My mom said they look like a Chewy and Dewy. Considering she was nice enough to let me adopt them I think that's what I will be naming them. So Chewy is the brown and white one with the snowflake/star on his head and Dewy is the white one with eyeliner.

11-28-14, 04:42 pm
Chewy is my black cats mame hehe

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 04:47 pm
Chewy is much more comfortable than Dewy at this point. He is taking food from me and will even come out of his fleece pouch to smell me and look around. He climbed up on my shoulder and was trying to get my earrings! Dewy is much more shy but I hope after he sees that I am not hurting his brother he will come around. They are so cool!

11-28-14, 04:51 pm
Your piggies are adorable. I really like the names Chewy and Dewy. It's a good thing that you live way across the country from me because I would so pignap Chewy. He has such gorgeous coloring and perfect markings.

11-28-14, 04:51 pm
Another piggy saved from the terrors of Kelsie. LOL

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 05:03 pm
Thank you!! I honestly can't wait until tomorrow morning to give them more fresh stuff! I'm probably going to go to the grocery store tonight and pick up some stuff. I also can't wait to get a couple yards of fleece and some new needles for my sewing machine so I can start making them some cage accessories and a pair of fleece liners.

11-28-14, 05:04 pm
Can't wait to see pictures ;)

11-28-14, 05:52 pm
HugglesBubble, my list of pigs that I want to pignap gets larger everyday. Since I'm a American Shorthair fan you Abby owners are safe. Of course… if I see an Abby that appeals to me ..who knows . lol

11-28-14, 05:53 pm
Most of my pigs are shorthairs -hides-
My list includes ;

Fully black piggy
Blue eyed piggy,
Abby ;)
I would go crazy if I saw all mixed in one. A fully black and blue eyed Abyssinian..

Jacob Vadovsky
11-28-14, 07:16 pm
So I've been doing some pretty intense research the last hour or so on how to communicate with Chewy and Dewy and understand them. I read that you should always give the alpha attention and treats first to avoid fighting(kind of like with dogs). I am going to stop staring at them because I read that it makes them nervous. And if I talk more when I'm in the room they will not thing I am hunting them because a predator is silent while hunting. I should try to keep eye level with them and not stand over them. They like to be pet around their eyes as this mimics they was other pigs would give them affection.

11-29-14, 01:44 am
I don't know about the whole Alpha eating first lol. Most people say that if you talk around your piggies, it gets them more used to your voice and have them more able to trust you easier.
Some pigs don't like being touched on their face, I know my Mickey doesn't. Yeah, you probably shouldn't stand directly over them, they might think theres a large predator over them and, yeah.