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04-08-02, 04:18 pm
I am getting a guinea pig but i have terriers I need to know where to give it floor time where i can keep the terriers out I also need to know where i can get cubes in canada that is not costco (I dont have a membership) and i looked at: wal-mart,staples,and home depot?

04-08-02, 09:08 pm
You can get a one-day or a one-time pass from costco for 'trying out the store'. Just go up to the service desk first.

04-09-02, 04:03 am
Pick a room with the door and close it so your terriers can't get in. Or, throw them outside during floor time. I have one dog I put behind a baby gate, and another I put in his kennel (b/c he jumps the baby gate).


04-09-02, 06:06 am
thanks ill try the costco membership thing.and ill find someplace to lock my terriers.