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11-27-14, 04:25 am
My first ever guinea pig Bijou has developed spurs. I think it might be a combination of gentics and my loathing of clipping her nails. I apologize I have a two part question.

The spur is on her front foot in the cleft seperating the top and the heel. I understand these can be clipped, but considering the location is this worth doing so either myself or having a vet do it? I understand these can be benign in nature.

I hold her in my lap and gently lift her foot to clip. I'm not hurting her but she does nip me progressively harder until I stop. I might be bigger but her teeth are sharper! She doesn't like it and it's not much better for me: Is there a better way I can hold her or soothe her so she doesn't bite me?

Is valerian root safe for piggys? (Probably not, I may just put a brick under her water)

11-27-14, 10:36 am
You can do it. See http://www.guinealynx.info/feet.html.

I wouldn't do valerian root.

11-28-14, 06:46 pm
Here are some tips-