View Full Version : Infection crackly sounds...is it a viral infection?

11-26-14, 11:41 pm
How many of you took your piggies to vet or crackling sounds and found out it was a viral infection? Or were any tested positive for bacterial?

11-28-14, 06:47 pm
If you're hearing crackling sounds, there's a good chance it's a bacterial upper respiratory infection.

11-28-14, 10:11 pm
Ive been reading that its probably viral. Wheezing, runny nose etc is bacterial.

11-28-14, 10:15 pm
Crackling is caused by air passing through liquid such as mucus in the lungs. It's most likely a URI but no matter what piggy should be seen by a vet being that crackling noises are never normal

11-28-14, 10:48 pm
Bacterial infections are much more common in guinea pigs then viral infections, as such it is much more likely that what your guinea pig is suffering from is a bacterial infection and it NEEDS antibiotics to get better. Guinea pigs go down hill very fast and failing to treat a URI is almost always fatal.

For starters if you are sure it is viral how did the guinea pig even get it in the first place? A virus is a small micro-organism that can only reproduce inside a living cell of it's host, so unless someone has been sick with a virus in your household then how would the guinea pig have been exposed to a virus?

11-28-14, 11:14 pm
No...im just doing research is all. Im not finding any posts of anyone saying what the vet found when they have taken their piggies to the vet