View Full Version : Urine Is this a possible bladder stone/UTI?

11-26-14, 09:09 pm
I adopted my newest piggie, a 1 and 1/2 year old boar I've named "Rolo", just over 2 weeks ago from a private rescue. Recently I've noticed that he doesn't seem to be urinating very often, and when he does it's in very tiny amounts. There is a small to moderate amount of calcium deposits in the urine, but it's all powdery deposits; not gritty. Since I've only had him a short time I can't say for sure if this is normal for him or not, or even if he's been peeing this way all along since I brought him home. I will say that he's not a particularly thirsty pig. I've palpated his abdomen and examined the penis and he showed no signs of discomfort. I've never seen him strain to use the bathroom or cry out in pain. He seems perfectly happy and active and is quickly learning to eat the foods I regularly feed my other boar pig, with whom I've never had any urinary-type issues. The only thing different I've been doing with him that I haven't done with the other pig is feed him a TINY portion of powder shaved off a 500mg Vit C tablet, because he wasn't eating food pellets or bell pepper very well when I first brought him home.
So, no other symptoms other than urinating infrequently in small amounts. I think I'm paranoid because I lost another pig a few months ago and I'm still perpetually worried about the ones I have now, but I wanted to ask: does this sound unusual and should I get Rolo checked out?

11-26-14, 09:18 pm
Having had WAY more stone and sludge pigs than I care to recount, I personally wouldn't worry about the symptoms you're describing. Straining or obvious pain is cause for concern, or of course blood, but nothing you've mentioned would worry me, personally.

12-02-14, 10:25 pm
I asked my vet about Rolo on Saturday, and he agreed that while the urinating was certainly not typical, if he's having no other symptoms at this time that I should just watch him carefully and there's no immediate cause for alarm. But here's the odd thing. I immediately took him off the vitamin c supplement a week ago on the off chance that it had something to do with this issue (he's eating bell pepper and a fair amount of pellets now, so getting his daily C). I then discovered on Saturday that the water bottle was developing a rather skunky odor, and remembered that I hadn't bleached it in a while to kill all the bacteria and mold. I switched out a clean water bottle, and the pigs immediately started drinking a good bit of water! So now I wonder if that water was just tasting so nasty to Rolo that he didn't want to drink and maybe THAT tipped this whole thing off? ("Bad human!") So I'm paying much better attention to cleaning the water bottle now, and since Monday, it seems like Rolo is starting to steadily pee a little more each evening when I get him out for floor time. I think the calcium deposits are even starting to clear up! So I'm not sure if it was lack of adequate water consumption or the vitamin C tablet, but I'm cautiously hopeful that the problem is correcting itself.

Still, I wanted to post a link of the vitamin c supplement I've been using and see if anyone could spot anything wrong with it; I'd like to have it available to give on occasion as long as it's safe and as long as I don't see a recurrence of this problem. Rolo just isn't that crazy about oxbow food pellets and I don't want to just burn him out on bell pepper. Thank you in advance!