View Full Version : Meet the boys, Andy and Turbo!

11-26-14, 12:00 am
I got my two piggies a year ago, and this forum has helped me tremendously along the way. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the very informative posts and your opinions on different cage size recommendations, food, treats, hay and toys. You guys have made me provide my piggies with a happy life, and happy piggies = a happy owner, and vise versa, right? :)
They are the sweetest boys, and I can't remember what life was like before them. I have to get more pictures of Turbo, the darkest one, off of my computer, but Andy is the tan and white one. He is the first one I got, and then I got Turbo a couple weeks later when I learned they are better in pairs. They get along perfectly. Love these little men!

11-26-14, 03:40 am
Wow! That is some cage! How on earth do you keep it clean? Your boys must LOVE all that space!

11-26-14, 07:30 am
Your pigs home is awesome... but I'm also so curious on how you clean it xD I can't wait to see pictures of your other boy!

11-26-14, 11:06 am
It's a very tedious, time consuming task, but they love it so I keep up with it for them. :) vacuum twice a day and break it down once a week to clean it, twice if they decide they're going to be super messy that week. :)

11-26-14, 02:58 pm
Your piggies and your daughter are adorable !

11-26-14, 03:01 pm
Thank you, and she's my little sister :)

11-26-14, 03:32 pm
Oops, lol, you have an adorable little sister. That is a great cage, I wouldn't have the patience to clean it though.

11-26-14, 05:10 pm
Awesome cage, adorable little sis!

11-26-14, 05:10 pm
Hi! Cute pigs and what a great cage!

11-26-14, 05:12 pm
Thank you so much, everyone :)