View Full Version : Sick Wheezing and Coughing at night

11-24-14, 09:07 am
Hey! I've had my two piggies for about 3 months now, and on Saturday one of them woke us up by heavy breathing.

Obviously I took him to the Vet first thing in the morning, but she couldn't see anything wrong with him.... He had an Antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory jab anyway in case its the start of a URI....

We have antibiotics to give him at home too. (Baytril I think off the top of my head)

BUT, he was FINE all day then woke me up wheezing and coughing at night again :s...

As he's already on medication I'm just wondering how long it normally takes to see improvement as he's fine in the day as I said...

thanks :)

11-24-14, 10:24 pm
Bumping this up

11-25-14, 01:58 am
Thank you :) good news he seemed ok last night, no waking up so I think he's on the mend already! Will keep monitoring both of them though