View Full Version : UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Piggy on Baytril - Need advice

11-22-14, 11:26 pm
Hey all

My Texel has been on Baytril antibiotics for a week today for a urinary tract infection.

She isn't getting any better and I've had to start hand feeding food and water.

How long can a pig be safely on this medication???? She is being given probiotics too.

Thanks in advance.

11-22-14, 11:33 pm
A pig on antibiotics should get better, not worse ... I'd call the vet and see about an alternate medication, and also would suggest a culture of the bacteria and an xray for stones if those things weren't done previously.

A pig can be on baytril for quite a long time if they are safely tolerating it, your pig either isn't tolerating it or has some other issue that's not being treated by the baytril. Typically it's given for 10 to 14 days to start.

11-23-14, 12:04 am
Thank you Paula. Will book her in tomorrow for more tests.

11-29-14, 11:32 am
Just a quick update: FeeFee is back to her old self and eating and drinking well. She refuses her water bottle and now suddenly prefers the bowl. Either way I'm happy. She's her normal naughty self again.

11-29-14, 11:33 am

This is her as a baby! Too cute!

11-29-14, 11:35 am
Great to hear!!!!! Congrats on her recovery!!

11-29-14, 11:42 am
I'm beside myself hey! I hear that most piggies don't make it through a UTI once they stop eating!

11-29-14, 12:37 pm
That's great news, she's so cute!

11-30-14, 02:49 am
FeeFee is a cutie! So glad she recovered!