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04-10-02, 11:34 am
im getting 1 or 2 baby silky gps next month and i need to no how to how to take care of them i'v never hade a gp before would it be almost the same as taking care of baby gerbils? ( i used to breed them) so i know how to take care of gerbils, but they dont have long hair!

04-11-02, 02:21 pm
Thats great that your adding guinea pigs into your life. They make great pets. My advice to you is get two guinea pigs because your guinea pigs will be occupied with each other while your gone. Also make sure you have a large enough cage. I think you should really check out a particular site that will answer a lot of your questions.

It has a lot of answers for you and you'll learn a lot that you didnt know. Also I doupt guinea pigs are like gerbils. But like I said check out the above site. Good luck!


04-11-02, 11:01 pm
Start reading here: guinealynx.info/guinealynx/healthycavy.html (http://guinealynx.info/guinealynx/healthycavy.html)

04-14-02, 06:09 pm
thanx the you guys were very helpfull!:)