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11-21-14, 11:42 am
Hi all! I'm looking for some advice for my approximately 3 year old sow, Paisley. I adopted her via Craigslist on October 11. I kept her in quarantine for 3 weeks before introducing her to my other girls. During that time she didn't show any signs of sickness.

Anyways, 2 weeks ago I took her to the vet because she had been dropping weight (64 grams in two weeks). I didn't have any clue what the problem could be. She has had a very happy appetite, peeing and pooping as regular, and overall very happy; although she had been making a wheezing sort of sound when the other girls started to bug her or when she started wheeking very loudly. The vet found a lump on her neck and we were unsure if it was an abscessed lymph node or her thyroid. So the vet put her under anesthesia and aspirated the lump. It didn't contain pus or anything, so we decided to treat it as a thyroid problem. Which makes a lot of sense because she does have many of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. She eats plenty (probably more than her fair share) and still drops weight, she drinks way more water than my other girls, her heart rate is very elevated. All signs point to hyperthyroidism. The vet gave me Methimazole to give her daily.

He also took xrays of her mouth because he felt lumps and was afraid of an abscessed tooth. The xrays showed root elongation. She also has slight malocclusion, but until I notice her having difficulty eating hay (which I am watching vigorously) he said I didn't need to worry yet. He did say that I will eventually need to get her molars filed down.

So, 2 weeks of her Methimazole treatment and my avid watching and she has only put on a total of 4 grams since her visit. Here is a chart of her weights I have been taking. I weigh her every morning before she gets her veggies.
10/28 - 732
10/31 - 700
11/7 - 668 (this is when I took her to the vet)
11/8 - 660
11/9 - 656
11/10 - 674
11/11 - 670
11/12 - 680
11/13 - 674
11/14 - 690
11/15 - 686
11/16 - 692
11/17 - 670
(Forgot to record on 11/18)
11/19 - 680
11/20 - 674
11/21 - 672

So there was a point during the medication that she started putting back on serious weight, but now she has lost almost all of that gain. The past week I've noticed her eyes being crusty. Is there possibly a URI going on along with the hyperthyroidism? The vet suggested that perhaps where the lump is on her neck is causing her to do the wheezing. She doesn't seem to have difficulty breathing, it's more like her voice goes away randomly. I'm not sure what to think. I have her recheck appointment today in just 3 hours. Was hoping someone could provide me with some ideas to bounce around with my vet.

Thanks in advance!

11-21-14, 12:06 pm
Is this an exotic vet?

The elongated roots will eventually be more of a problem than any hyperthyroidism, I suspect. The only treatment is repeated molar planings, which are hard on the pig and expensive for you.

I'd suspect an abscess from the lump in the neck, or cervical lymphadenitis. Did he say anything about CL?

Is she sneezing any at all? Runny eyes and/or nose? Acting sick?

11-21-14, 12:10 pm
It is an exotic vet.

The vet made it sound like the elongated roots shouldn't be a problem. That it might be slightly uncomfortable for her, but that many pigs live and eat happily with it.

He did not suggest CL. When he aspirated it he got a bunch of fluid and cells that are normally found with the thyroid.

She is not sneezing or acting sick. Just occasionally wheezing and has crusty eyes.