View Full Version : Crusty Eyes Fungal infection around eyes and on head

11-20-14, 08:22 pm
My piggy has been treated for mites and fungal. A lot of fur with little skin was falling of the back but it seems healthy now. I noticed now for a time ago that she has fungal infection around eyes and on head down to the nose.
Can I put a anti funal cream there? And how to do...i cannot really bath this areas :( she is itching and get cramps

Thanks in advance!

11-26-14, 09:15 pm
Anyone? Im very grateful for any tips!!!!! Thanks

11-26-14, 11:14 pm
Depending on how close to the eye it is determines weather or not you can use the cream. If there is a risk that the cream could get into the eye as you are applying it then you need to take her into a good exotics vet who should be able to prescribe an oral medication to use instead.

http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html That link has a list of anti-fungal medication which are safe to use on guinea pigs, remember to read the label of any cream you buy and make sure it contains only the anti-fungal medications listed under topical creams in that link.

For now you can certainly use the cream on her nose, but just make sure that you apply it sparingly with a q-tip and rub it in well so that there is none that she could ingest when she grooms herself.