View Full Version : Genitals Help me sex my guinea pigs please!?

11-20-14, 05:28 pm
70560 Hello, I was just wondering if someone could please help me tell the genders of my two guinea pigs. I've had my male desexed since I found out the two i bought were indeed both 'not girls'. However if these babies are girls I can keep them, and if they're boys I can't. I think they may be boys but I just wanted some advice, would appreciate it a lot! I've looked everywhere on the internet but I'm just not 'sure'. Thank you, Nikki.

11-20-14, 05:34 pm
Look like girls to me.

11-20-14, 05:46 pm
Did you check www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm?

11-20-14, 06:04 pm
Looks female to me.

11-20-14, 07:00 pm
Guinea Lynx has a sexing page, too.

Even one for pups--

I think the second one is female. I'd like to see another photo of the top one.

11-20-14, 07:12 pm
Here is another photo of the first one. A picture of it just normally and another where I spread it a little bit (sorry for the wording, can't avoid how that sounds) :S Thanks for your help!


11-21-14, 02:48 pm
Still looks like a female. How old are they?

11-21-14, 04:36 pm
They both look female to me.

11-21-14, 04:41 pm
They're almost 3 weeks. I took them to a vet yesterday and she said they're both girls. I get to keep them and don't have to worry about them going to dodgy homes. Grass to run on & veggies for the rest of their lives, YAY!
Thanks for your help everyone. :)

11-21-14, 04:45 pm

Here's a super cute photo of them at a day old, just 'cause'. Hope that's allowed? :/
So happy they get to stay with their little family. :)

11-21-14, 05:27 pm
They are adorable! And we love piggie baby pigtures! Do they have names yet?

11-21-14, 06:16 pm
They are so cute! That is awesome that you get to keep Mom, Dad and the babies! :)

11-21-14, 07:18 pm
No they don't have names yet, I didn't want to name them unless I was sure I could keep them. Didn't want to get too attached and then have to say goodbye. Now for the exciting name game haha. Any suggestions? :D
And aww I know they're soooo adorable. <3 Happy piggies = happy owner!

11-21-14, 07:53 pm
How about a theme - stone/gem types?

Jade, Amethyst, Emerald, Amber, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, etc.

11-22-14, 04:44 pm
That's a nice idea. I like Ruby ^.^