View Full Version : Skin Problems Crusty looking ears?

11-20-14, 08:46 am
Sorry if this is the wrong prefix area but I recently noticed that Smokey, under his left ear has crusty looking skin maybe. Looks like dead skin and its yellow.
This is the best picture I could get while he was holding still

11-20-14, 08:58 am
My guinea pigs ears looked like that for a while after I got them. Try Uder Cream. I would put it on their ears at least 2x a day and now they are silky smooth.

11-20-14, 09:34 am
Wipe it very gently with a barely damp pad. You don't want water to get in his ears. Dry it, and rub it with some cold pressed virgin coconut oil. If that doesn't clear it up, get some monistat or nystatin at the drug store and rub a dab in with a q-tip. Don't use your fingers in case it's a fungus -- those things are transmissible to humans.