View Full Version : Feet Feet sores?!?!?!?

11-20-14, 08:27 am
My guinea pig has a small sore and red skin on one part of his foot and just red skin on part of his other foot. Can anyone tell me what this is? He's fine otherwise.

11-20-14, 08:29 am
It could be bumblefoot or it could be that his nails need to be trimmed, and the red part is from the pressure he is putting on his feet.

11-20-14, 08:31 am
AHA! Thank you! I think that's what it is! I haven't trimmed his nails for a while because I can't find the nail clipper.

11-20-14, 08:46 am
You can soak his feet in a very dilute solution of chlorhexidine (available from any pharmacy). A bottle cap makes a good piggy foot bath. Just be VERY sure that he doesn't drink the solution, and rinse his feet well afterward. Also, rub a bit of cold pressed virgin coconut oil on them routinely. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and will help protect his feet.

Nail clippers are VERY inexpensive.

11-20-14, 11:02 am
I got a pair of small pet nail trimmers at petsmart for 4 dollars. One of my piggies feet used to be light redish until I gave his long nails a good trim. Now they are the color of normal piggie feet!

11-20-14, 01:49 pm
His quick - thing is very long, so what can you do about that?

11-20-14, 01:50 pm
You can clip a tiny bit off the edge once a week

11-20-14, 01:52 pm
Clip to the edge of the quick. Then trim regularly.

11-20-14, 02:06 pm
What do you do if it starts to bleed?

11-20-14, 02:31 pm
Dip the toe in a bit of flour or cornstarch, or styptic powder if you've got it.

11-23-14, 01:21 am
Our rabbit has sore hocks, which is basically pressure sores on the bottom of his feet, which sounds like what you've got. We did the chlorhexidine treats like bpatters mentioned but we did it as a compress, which was much easier. You mix the solution with the water then soak a towel or piece of fleece in it. Wring it out well and them, in the case of our rabbit, we put it in the bottom of the carrier and had him in it for 15 minutes. It was way easier than trying to get him to soak and not drink it. Would that work here bpatters, or is there a reason that that wouldn't work for piggie feet?

11-23-14, 02:23 am
I took a friend's pig to the vet recently, and the vet recommended vitamin C supplementation for the little red sores on her feet.