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11-19-14, 08:44 pm
Hello everyone thanks in advance for reading. My baby has a mammary tumor! His name is captain phil he's three in half years old he's scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor November 25th. Super nervous but postive thinking! I was wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on how to keep him as comfortable as possible after the Surgery? Im so sad he cant eat after midnight he's gonna cry cry cry and do sooo many circle tricks and begging for his yum yums! Any advice to keep him cozy after surgery and prayers and success stories of mammy tumors definitely welcome. Thanks!!

11-19-14, 09:04 pm
First, there's no need for him to not have food after midnight. Is this a good exotic vet? And did the vet tell you that, or did the front desk clerk tell you? I can't tell you how many times an office clerk has told someone that, thinking that guinea pigs get the same pre-op instructions as dogs and cats. They couldn't be more wrong. So if I were you, I'd call and ask to speak specifically to the vet, and ask about this.

The proscription against eating right before surgery is because of the danger of vomiting and aspirating the vomitus into the lungs. Guinea pigs can't vomit, so there's no risk of that. Most exotic vets will tell you not to feed them for an hour or so beforehand so they get most of the food out of their mouths, but not for hours. It actually puts the pig at a disadvantage not to be fed for all that time. Going without food for hours can make a pig tend to intestinal stasis, which is where the gut stops moving. That's a precursor to bloat, which is a medical emergency. So when you add the effects of anesthesia to the effects of not eating for several hours, you've got the possibility of a very sick pig. All I can tell you is if my vet told me to have my pig fast for eight or so hours before surgery, I'd pick my pig up and walk out of that office and never go back.

That said, surgery to remove a mammary tumor is pretty simple unless the tumor has really spread. Most pigs recover just fine. If he has a cage mate, you'll need to keep him confined for a few days, preferably in the end of the cage where he normally lives, until the danger of him ripping his stitches by over-exerting himself is past.

Good luck with him, and let us know how he gets along.

11-19-14, 09:08 pm
I'd be wary of a vet who told you to withhold food from a guinea pig. The reason we fast cats and dogs (and people) before surgery is so they won't vomit and then inhale it. Guinea pigs physically cannot vomit, and therefore do not need to fast prior to anesthesia. They also need food constantly moving through their systems. Any exotic vet should know that.

That said, I wish you luck with your boy's surgery.

11-19-14, 09:13 pm
Im so happy you guys said something! It was the lady at the desk i will definitely call tomorrow and ask to speak to the actual vet i had a feeling something sounded off about the not eating issue as i knew piggies cant vomit. Thank you!! Calling them first thing tomorrow. You guys are wonderful

11-19-14, 09:24 pm
Penny & Ferb send nose touches for a safe and easy surgery next wheek!

11-19-14, 09:42 pm
I know they are not the same, but I have had many mammary tumors removed from my rats and they did absolutely fine. I have never fasted my rats before surgery. I would just take their food away in the morning before I took them in for surgery. But please do double check with the Vet in the morning. bpatters gave you excellent advice. If your vet tells you to fast Captain Phil overnight I would not allow that doctor to do the surgery. A responsible veterinarian would tell you if they felt uncomfortable working on an exotic, but unfortunately, just like any other field, there are those who will attempt to do what they are not qualified to do.

I will keep your little guy in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure he will come through his surgery like a little champ.

11-20-14, 12:15 pm
The vet said feed him normal thank goodness or i'd been driving a few hours to the next vet haha. Thats really scary to me wonder how many piggy owners have made the mistake to listen to the desk clerk. Super happy i posted on this forum or i might have fell for it. Thanks guys!!! I'll update on how it goes Tuesday :)

11-20-14, 01:48 pm
I'm please to hear that your vet knew that. I do hope the front office staff has been educated on guinea pig pre-ops.

11-22-14, 05:59 pm
Good luck from all of us here xx

11-25-14, 04:19 pm
Update! Phil is doing great so far! Obviously still drugged a bit but he's eating and drinking using the bathroom just fine. Everything has went awesome. Was really hard dropping him off this morning at the vet and leaving my baby bumble butt but now he's home definitely worth it! Thanks guys everyone have a happy and safe thanksgiving!

11-25-14, 04:26 pm
I'm so happy to hear that surgery went well. May Captain Phil have a speedy and uneventful recovery. My girls and I send our best wishes to him.

11-25-14, 09:10 pm
Awesome news, I hope he recovers quickly!

11-29-14, 02:24 pm
Hello again everybody!! Im very upset and need some advice! So phil when he came home Tuesday it seemed everything was great with him then very late that night i had noticed he did not drink much of his water so i thought eh ok pain, medicine effects maybe just not his normal thristy self (he can drink a whole bottle in a day) stayed up with him ALL night/ morning he went to drink and then i saw it!! He is missing a bottom tooth! And his top teeth are chipped off! What the heck happend to my pog! Today is Saturday finaly the vet has returned my calls and over the phone they was all like we have no idea what happened his teeth looked beautiful and healtly while we had him under and yada yada he did wake up grinding clicking his teeth tho maybe thats what happened we didnt even place him in one of our metal cages yada yada lies... when i picked him up Tuesday i clearly watched the assistant remove him from one of themetal cages proves to me they lie. My advice i need from you lovely people!!!.... i took him for them to see the teeth now all the sudden they say his teeth are over grown and need to be trimmed. Does this sound like a bad idea? He is eating and always has ate just great he is back to using his bottle as well. He is acting normal as ever. Obviously i do not trust this vet and will take him somewhere else even if it is a few hours drive. His old vet who i miss so much had passed away oh how i wish he was still alive. I've read so much conflicting information about teeth i need advice should i give this some time to see if the teeth grow back just fine or should they be trimmed now i think this quack is playing off my fears now and i should wait to see how they grow back obviously if he stops eating or i see anything wrong with him i will definitely take him to a more cavy savvy place. I think this place lies i think they dropped him im going to call the cavvy savvy place and ask them to remove his stitches as well as i just dont trust this other place. What would you do about the teeth let them grow or trim them now? I feel horrible i should have never brought phil there.

11-29-14, 02:35 pm
I have been checking his mouth a billion times a day since i noticed it there is a tiny nub at the bottom staring to grow in i have rinsed the whole several times how lynx site had suggested no swelling or anything.. yet. I am glad to see a nub there today. Just really freaking out about the do i trim now or give it some time to sort itself out

11-29-14, 03:21 pm
Guinea pig teeth grow very quickly, and they'll likely be back to the right length very shortly. I wouldn't trim anything yet, until you either see that he can't eat unless they're trimmed, or that they're not going to sort themselves out.

He may have been dropped, he may have chewed on the bars of his cage, he may have injured himself at your house and the teeth just broke/fell out later. There's no way to know.

But I wouldn't go back there. And in fact, I wonder why, if you had a more cavy-savvy place available, he was there in the first place?

11-29-14, 03:45 pm
Thanks i was hoping someone would say to wait. I use to have a cavvy savvy vet a few blocks away he was wonderful its who i actually got phil from he sadly passed away this summer the next nearest cavvy savvy vet is about four hours away from me and they wasnt able to see phil as quickly as i wanted the mammary tumor checked out and taking care of due to hoildays it was a perfect time as i got a whole week off work the cavy savvy vet four hours away it wouldn't have worked out that way. The place i had let do the surgery had wonderful reviews not just for dogs and cats but birds and rabbits and they had esured me they have treated many pigs thirty years experience rather true or not im not sure but i believed it so let them do the surgery yes very true it could have happened for any reason dropped chewed bars nobody will ever know what happened just now my gut says to not trust this place despite the wonderful reviews i will for now let the other definitely cavvy savvy vet take over on his care.