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11-18-14, 12:25 am
So Im getting the Midwest Expandable Plus Habitat tuesday and for the bedding I was thinking of keeping the canvas bottom and then putting some Kaytee Clean and Cozy non-scented original bedding down and then some fleece over that. Also what are some things that I can make with fleece because my gps get really cold at night and we can't afford a heater bill right now but I read that you can make them stuff to keep warm from fleece.

11-18-14, 08:51 am
Try something else under the fleece, like towels, uhaul pads, puppy pads or wood pellets. The carefresh will stick to the fleece and is hard to get off.

Good fleece items are cuddle cups, cuddle sacks and donut beds. You can find instuctions by searching this site or just on the web in general.

11-18-14, 02:49 pm
OK thanks @miniriver

11-18-14, 04:44 pm
After reading another thread on here, I started using the wood pellets under my fleece and I love them! There is no urine smell at all!

11-18-14, 04:46 pm
OK. Where can find some and what are they? And would they hurt my gps? Shooper

11-18-14, 04:56 pm
The thread is called,"http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/102467-My-bedding-story-finally-found-the-perfect-solution!