View Full Version : How much floor time and poo poo's ?

06-13-02, 03:21 am
Hiya im new here :)
and was wondering whats the max/min time to let my pigs out for each evening ..i like letting them sit on my lap and stroking them but sometimes after about 20 minitues one of them poo's on me (about 6-8 poos btw is that normal?!?!!)
When they poo i put them back in the cage and leave them for an hour or so ,

Thx anybody who replys :)


Laura Irene
06-13-02, 06:29 am
Floor time should be as long as you can make it, and the number of poos depend on the pig :)

*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*

06-14-02, 04:07 pm
you're just lucky your piggie doesn't use you for peeing on too :/

06-16-02, 08:31 am
Lap time is definitely not floor time. Floor time is providing a very large space for them to run around and get exercise. They should have at least an hour or two of floor time a day. See www.cavycages.com/floortime.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/floortime.htm)

06-17-02, 12:35 am
hiya there :)

Yeah sorry i should have been more clear *)
I have them on my lap first if they poo i put them back in the cage for a while then they have floor time - if they dont poo on me then they go play straight on the floor ususally for about 1 1/2 hour


06-17-02, 07:25 am
An hour and a half is great.