View Full Version : What breed is my rabbit?

11-15-14, 03:47 pm
Panda is 1 1/2 or 2 years old. He only has dark grey on his ears, eyes, a spot in his back, tail, and near his nose. We know nothing of him because he appeared in a friends yard and we took him in. Our vet. couldn't tell want breed he was but did say he might be crossed and possibly a dwarf or just a small regular rabbit. He weights just 4.1 pounds.

11-15-14, 04:55 pm
Hot tot mix?

11-21-14, 05:10 pm
Run-of-the-mill mixbreed. The color pattern is referred to as broken, which appears as a recognized variety in a huge number of breeds. My phone has poor picture quality as far as color, but he does appear to be a Broken Blue as far as color goes. No defining characteristics to even make a good guess at his breed mix though.

So, a Heinz 57 bun. :)

11-27-14, 04:00 pm
It could be a poorly bred hotot but you can get that broken pattern by crossing 2 heavily white brokens of any breed instead of the hotot genes. Unless you go to a show breeder 99% of whats sold are small breed mutts so that is far more likely.

01-18-15, 02:26 pm
That color is what is considered Charlie, which is unshowable. It is possible the breeder dumped him because he is an auto DQ on the show table.

01-18-15, 02:29 pm
No matter what breed he is or isn't, I think he's adorable.