View Full Version : Can someone help me with some coroplast measurements?

10-07-05, 12:43 pm
I need to get some coroplast for my second level. It's the shape of an upper Case C but no round edges (does that make sense?). on the left side, it is 2 cubes, the back side it is 4 cubes, right side 2 cubes, front left side 1 cube, front right side 1 cube, inner left side 1 cube, middle 2 cubes, inner right side 1 cube. It is symmetrical. Let me see if i can make a diagram of it...I doubt I'll be able to....

_ _ _ _
l _ _ l
l_ l l_l

I know that doesn't look symmetrical there but that is what it looks like. If anyone can tell me what measurements to use for coroplast that would be excellent. The man at the print shop I get my coroplast from cuts and scores it for me. Thanks so much!

10-07-05, 01:03 pm
I think I have the correct measurements but I'd love to be able to cross check them with someone experience. I'm thinking 26''x26''x40''x68''x40''x26''x26''x40'' and score in 6'' on all sides for the wall?

10-07-05, 01:50 pm
When I did my coroplast for the lofts, I used separate pieces for each part. The 2nd story loft is an L shaped 1x6 and I did 2 trays, both 1x3's for easy removal and cleaning. I measured the inside of my grids where the boxes would be going and then they both have a cut out area on the side where they meet so that they don't have to jump over the coroplast to get to the other area. I did have my hayloft area on the 2nd story and pellets on the third story but switched them to make cleaning the hayloft area easier.