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11-14-14, 02:21 pm
How do I go about treating lice? My pig for sure has it. I see them crawling on her.

11-14-14, 02:47 pm

11-14-14, 03:28 pm
Thanks you also another question so the one par for sure has it but I have two other cages in the same room as them and use the same sweep brush and fleece (after I've washed it in hot and dryed it) and I looked at all the other pigs and did not see any of the lice on them so should I just treat the pair that I know for sure has it or treat all of them even though I do not see any on the others that are in the seperate cages?

11-14-14, 03:30 pm
Also can I buy advantage in the store? Or do I need to go to a vet for it? Or is invectrim better? And where do I buy that?

11-14-14, 03:57 pm
http://www.amazon.com/Ivermectin-Pour-On-Cattle-250-mL/dp/B00JAL3AAW is this okay?

11-14-14, 04:09 pm
That pour-on ivermectin is what you want. Advantage is hard to find, because you can't use the newer Advantage II.

Post back here when you get the ivermectin, and we'll help you with the dosage.

11-14-14, 04:26 pm
Okay thank you I'm gonna order it now!

11-14-14, 04:38 pm
Yeah, I would treat them all. I hate those little bugs! They love to hide out in pigs with longer hair.

It used to be that I saw lots of pigs with lice. Now it's not very common. But mites, now, that's a different story!

11-14-14, 04:43 pm
See when i got the one who i just realized has it (still) I thought she did and I took her to the vet and they swore up and down they didn't see any so i just stopped worrying about it and thought i was crazy. But it was bath day for her and i was combing out her wet fur (she has long hair and is black and white) and thats when i saw the little long bugs again! And I'm just so mad that my vet told me so long ago not to worry about it and that they didn't see a single thing! Also she doesn't scratch ever or have hair loss so there were no other signs and i just feel so bad for not knowing or doing anything about it! I got rush shipping so it should be here monday and ill be able to take care of the problem once and for all.

11-18-14, 05:40 pm
Got the ivermectin in the mail today! Can someone help me with the exact dosage?

11-18-14, 06:35 pm
Post a picture of the strength of the ivermectin so we can calculate the exact dose.

11-18-14, 07:36 pm
70515heres the outside of the box

11-18-14, 08:21 pm
That is the 0.5% concentration, which is the easiest to use and dose. Here is a link to the guinea lynx dosage chart for that concentration http://www.guinealynx.info/topical_ivermectin_pour-on.html

All you do is measure the required amount in a 1ml needless syringe, then apply it on the bald spot behind their ears. Don't worry too much if you can't precisely measure the exact dosage in the syringe as this concentration gives you the most room for error.

Just encase you are slightly confused by the dosage chart it works out to be 0.1ml per kg, so if the pig weighs 1kg you give 0.1ml or if they weigh 500g you give 0.05ml etc.

11-19-14, 01:32 pm
Okay also should I change and wash all their fleece today when I give them all the treatment or wait? Or does it matter? And do i treat only once or again after an amount of days or weeks?

11-19-14, 01:47 pm
Once a week for three weeks, and clean the cage and wash the fleece when you treat them.