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11-13-14, 07:50 pm
I heard that you can file guinea pig nails is this true? If so what kind of nail file would you use? I am terrified of clipping guinea pig nails now. I accidentally cut the quick on one of my piggies nails :( I only cut a tiny bit of the quick. Filing guinea pig nails seems like it would be easier.

11-13-14, 08:03 pm
I use a human nail file to smooth nails after trimming. You have to get a firm grip on the toe though, so you don't twist the nail as you file. And my pigs mostly try to eat the file.

11-13-14, 08:04 pm
Could I like get a firm grip on the piggie toe and then file it down to an appropriate length?

11-13-14, 08:09 pm
One of my skittish boy's won't let me touch his feet with the nail clippers so it is really difficult to clip his nails

11-13-14, 10:33 pm
You could file them exclusively, it would just take a while. I think some people use a dremmel (spelling?) to grind the nails down. It may have been spy9doc who I saw mention that before.

11-13-14, 10:47 pm
I would just clip, personally. It's not the end of the world if you get a quick, and it's a lot quicker and easier than I imagine holding a pig still for filing would be.

11-14-14, 06:50 am
My piggies will squeal if the nail clippers even touch their nails.

11-14-14, 10:22 am
I think this will be the part that I will dread the most once I get my piggies. I hope that whatever shelter or rescue I get them from will have done that before I get them. Oh boy .....

11-14-14, 10:34 am
I've used a regular nail file on my girls as well, but have a hard time holding their feet still enough to file very much without holding them too hard. Their nails seem softer than human nails, and don't file as easily. They also like to eat the file like pigmommy said. I actually took a pig to the vet when we first got her to have them show me how to clip nails. It helps when my daughter holds the pig, I clip, and we bribe away a little of the wiggles with some tasty veggies. :)

11-14-14, 12:45 pm
My piggies will squeal if the nail clippers even touch their nails.

You just have to get over it! My Maya emits this gutteral scream when having her nails done. I wrap her in a small towel burrito style and do the manicure by myself. She simply doesn't like having her feet touched. Think of it as "tough love".

I use the little kitten nail scissors that are available in most pet stores. The blades encircle the nail, cut evenly, and don't split the nail. Cutting the nails takes less than five minutes. Now because I have very sensitive skin and the kids will otherwise scratch me badly, I have to smooth the nails after cutting. Yes, I use a Dremel Model 7300 4.8V to further smooth the nails. Don't get a unit that runs at higher torque or it may cause a sensation of burning. I use the same unit for both cavy and human nails, so it is a great investment.

You must hold each toe/nail individually to avoid torque on the toe. Just touch the Dremel to the nail lightly to avoid heat buildup. My cavies don't like the Dremel, but have forgotten all about the experience within 15 minutes. I bought a magnifying craft light at JoAnn last Black Friday, and it is very helpful to see exactly where the "quick" in the nail ends.



11-14-14, 01:02 pm
How would I make a piggies burrito? One of my piggies had one foot with white claws all the others are black. At least with that one white back foot I can kind of get a good idea on how much I need to trim off the back foot. Would it be possible to wrap up the piggie and hold him/her in the towel between my legs? I don't trust anyone here in my family to help me with them. I also have some small pet nail clippers they were about 4 dollars at petsmart.

11-14-14, 07:50 pm
Use a hand towel and tightly roll up the piggy in it. I then place the burrito in my lap and secure it between my left arm and my abdomen. Left hand pulls out one foot at a time and then one toe at a time. Be prepared for your piggy to thrash and try to jerk the foot away. One actually can hold the foot tightly without hurting the piggy.

I place him on his belly in my lap for the back feet, and then sit him up with his back against my abdomen for the front nails. If your cavies are like mine, they may hate having their back nails done, and then be relatively quiet for the front nails.........so I do back nails first. I honestly wouldn't try using a hand file because you will likely torque the nail and cause pain.

If your piggy has longish hair, then special care must be taken when using a Dremel.