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10-07-05, 12:21 pm
I was looking at the galley and can't quite get the gist. I have my cage that is a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft. On the redo, I used connectors instead of zipties. I have to have it totally enclosed because Ranger, our cat, likes to lay in the cage so I need to keep him out. Using connectors, you end up with a space in betweeen the grids. So what do you use for a latch? Also, the grids that you use for the door(s), how do you connect them to the rest of the grids that have connectors? I end up having to take part of my cage apart every day to get into it and its really annoying.

10-07-05, 02:48 pm
The part I use for a door I took off the connectors and only used ties on one side, and use a binder clip to close the other end.

10-07-05, 05:17 pm
My door is connected using loose zip ties for the hinges. I use little things that look like the snap-on end of dog leashes (you know, the part you attach to the collar?) to keep the door closed. My hubby found a 2-pack at Home Depot for about $3.

10-07-05, 05:40 pm
Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it. I was getting really frustrated because every time I took a couple of the grids off part of it fell apart. The piggies must have thought I was totally insane!

10-07-05, 05:58 pm
This is what I did for my door. It's like what pennick did.

The hinge side has zip ties and the locked side has two binder clips to ensure it's closed tightly.

10-08-05, 12:59 am
I use Velcro ties. I'll try and get a picture for you.

10-10-05, 03:06 pm
I used zip ties as a hinge, and a mountain climbing "caribeaner" (excuse the spelling) latch to make sure the lid doesn't get open. My cats are pretty sly, so if this cage ever happened to tilt over, it wouldn't open.