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11-13-14, 02:50 pm
Hi everybody! My name is Wheekley, and I am the proud parent of two little eight month old boars: Flex, and Juve. I've had them since Tuesday, and from the sparse interactions I've had whilst waiting for them to adjust they are sweet and peppy little things.

This is Flex, he is the smaller of the two and the most outgoing so far. He will take food from my hand, and purrs whenever he is pet. He will actually seek attention when someone is close to their cage. He also lays down during lap time and loves to be covered in his fleece blanket when he isn't stuffing himself with romaine or green pepper.

This is Juve. He is the shy one. He loves to popcorn in his cage, and run laps. Juve still isn't comfortable taking veggies from my hand while in his cage, but he comes out of his shell during lap time. Juve derives a lot of his strength from flex and will lay on top of him when he is feeling a bit scared.


But when it comes to other animals, he is brash and fearless. The boys met one of my cats, Hennessey, the other night under close and careful supervision. She got piggy kisses, and Juve got a bath when he was done investigating her feet. After going nose to nose, everyone settled down for cuddles!


Thanks for stopping by, and please do say hi! None of my friends really understand my love for guinea pigs--so it would be lovely to have people to talk to and share stories with!

11-13-14, 03:20 pm
Sorry I didn't see the picture rules with other pets and lap/floor time. I am having a hard time finding how to edit my post to get rid of it. If somebody could help me out that would be great!

11-13-14, 03:24 pm
Hi, and welcome to the forum! Flex and Juve are cuties.

11-13-14, 03:54 pm
Thank you very much!

11-13-14, 04:13 pm
Welcome to the forum! I'm Stephanie and it's nice to meet you. :) Your boys are SO ADORABLE. haha I love that Juve goes on top of Flex when he is scared, that's so sweet. (You're kitty is a cutie too!!! ;)

11-13-14, 05:48 pm
What an adorable family you have!! (Kitty included!) ... When I got Doodle (my first Guinea Pig) as a pre-teen, the cat I had at the time was terrified of him! It was quite funny.

11-13-14, 06:37 pm
Thank you LuvCavysLuvCats and piggy.mamma! lol

I just took both the boys out and Juve was climbing all over Flex again--until he found the salad and decided to be an oinker.

Hennessey is just weird-she isn't scared of anything. She was fine with piggy nibbles on her feet and didn't bat an eye.

11-13-14, 06:40 pm
OMG Juve is so cute! It looks like he has white eyebrows! So cute!

11-13-14, 06:43 pm
Thanks, Guinepig--I definitely think he is one of the cutest piggies ever, even if the eyebrow is only on the one side!

11-13-14, 09:26 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum, Flex and Juve are very cute!

11-13-14, 11:10 pm
Thanks, Rywen!

11-15-14, 11:08 am
Adorable! They are both sweet boys! I'm curious though, the name Juve, any chance that is short for Juventus? My friend Marco Marchionni used to play for them... FORZA JUVE!

11-17-14, 12:45 am
Hello , welcome ! Your piggies are so darn cute. This forum is fun, and really informative, you'll love it here!