View Full Version : Neutering/Spaying Better to Neuter/Spay a Male or Female?

11-13-14, 02:20 pm
I was wondering if it is better to spay/neuter a female or a male?

Are there advantages and disadvantages?

I know 1 advantage of spaying a female might be not getting ovarian cysts which is great.

I am aware that there may be complications.

My guinea pig gave birth to 2 male pups (not confirmed) and I would like to keep one of them. So I have to make a decision about the neutering.

Thank you!

11-13-14, 02:56 pm
It does have risks, but it would probably be fine if it was done by a competent and experience guinea pig vet. Spaying a female is a more invasive procedure than neutering a male, and is therefore more risky. The only main advantage of neutering is to prevent reproduction, but it may have some added health benefits as well. It won't change their behavior.

Keep in mind that the recommended age to neuter a male is 4 months, so you would have to keep him separate until he was old enough. And then it takes another few weeks after the surgery before he could be introduced to a female.