View Full Version : Skin Problems Bag Balm/Vet Balm for skin conditions?

Megan Ward Lish
11-13-14, 12:37 am
My guinea pig has very itchy skin and we treated both fungus and mites. I was doing research online and came across a web site that swears using Bag Balm cured their pigs. Has anyone heard of this before? Does it work?

11-13-14, 01:15 am
It is not recommended for use on guinea pigs. Here is a link to read, the thread linked is older so most of the links cited no longer work but you should be able to get the gist. http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?p=103037#103037

What have you already used to try and treat the fungus/mites and how often was this treatment applied? We may be able to recommend something with a *known* safety (and known potential side effects), as opposed to bag balm, if we know what you have already tried.

11-13-14, 09:03 am
Bag Balm was never intended for animals that groom themselves.

Ditto Soecara on what you have used before. What meds, and how often? And do you have any pictures of the lesions?

11-13-14, 09:34 am
I would recommend looking into gorgeous guineas...They have natural lotions,balms,creams you name name all for guinea pigs. http://shop.gorgeousguineas.com

11-15-14, 10:16 pm
My Gus came to me with itchy, red, irritated paws. The vet recommended over the counter athletes foot cream, it worried me too that it could be harmful if licked, but she assured me it was safe. I have been using it these past six days & so far, his paws have cleared up amazingly so and I've seen no issues as far as him licking/ingesting it.
I too recommend using "gorgeous Guineas" as far as treating your piggy. Unless an authorized, reputable, exotic vet says otherwise.

Best of luck!

11-15-14, 10:19 pm
Also, it doesn't hurt to, perhaps, have some cold, crisp kale at the ready to offer just after you treat him/her so as to give their mouth only ONE thing to do, EAT their VEGGIES!

11-17-14, 12:50 am
If it is a fungus and not mites the athletes foot cream works good. I also got a liquid form of an anti fungal from my vet that was helpful getting through the fur . Also an antfungul shampoo called nizarol really helped a lot , washed my chloe twice a week with it .