View Full Version : Wood Pellets/Chips How much?

11-12-14, 10:51 am
Hello All,

After reading as much as I can on the threads about the wood pellets topped with fleece. How many 40 lb bags do I need for a 2x7 C&C ? I originally had a 2x6 (using fleece/uhaul pads) but recently adopted our 5th pig and the urine smell is getting out of hand.

I'm hoping the wood pellets would help with the Urine smell.

11-12-14, 11:13 am
One bag per cage change.

11-12-14, 11:28 am
thank you.

11-12-14, 11:52 am
You might actually want to do 1.5 or 2 bags. The thicker the layer is, the longer it will last. You can experiment and see which you prefer.

11-12-14, 08:00 pm
I have a 2x6 with wood pellets. I put one 40lb bag in, and it was not enough at all. It was a very thin layer with several spots of bare coroplast, so I added another full bag of pellets. Now it's about 1.5" thick, which is a good amount, so I would recommend using 2 full bags for a 2x7.

I'm on my 8th week since I last changed my wood pellets, and I plan to keep going. There's more sawdust and fewer pellets than there was originally, but it's still working perfectly and there's absolutely no smell from the cage!

11-12-14, 08:05 pm
I bought 2 bags to be on safe side. It cost around $12.50 per bag.

11-12-14, 08:06 pm
Really? Mine only cost $5 per bag.

11-12-14, 08:10 pm
I think mine are about $6.

11-12-14, 08:24 pm
Yay, I was hoping $6 a bag, but that is how much the feed store sells them for (located in Malibu, Ca). When the home improvement stores start selling them (seasonal product) it will cost anywhere from $5-6 a bag.