View Full Version : Does cuddling counts for social time?

08-29-02, 07:14 pm
We have a new piggie, his name is Oreo and he's about 2 or 3 months old. He's so cute we can't help to baby him, brush his hair and cuddle with him. May daughter keeps him on her lap with a blanket. We might do this for about a full 30 minutes then give him play time on the floor. I was just wondering if this is OK for him. We've been assuming he's happy since he doesn't "complain" but I didn't know if he might be scared. I've read about home much floor time to give them, how about "lap" time? BTW, Oreo loves to have his hair brushed back (at least we think so). He purrs and shake as if he was cold -- is this good?

Thank you for your answers. We're new piggie owner and we want to make sure we're doing all the right things for him. :D

08-30-02, 08:46 am
Cuddling is separate from play time on the floor. During floor time is when guinea pigs get their exercise.

The purring and shaking that goes along with it means that he's happy! To me it seems like the slight shaking that goes along with the purring is just the vibrations from the piggie's own body from his purring.