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11-10-14, 11:57 am
I'm going to end up taking my girl, Roxanne to the vet just to be safe because at the first sign of illness or something that's just not right I panic and rush my pigs to the vet. I just wanted to get some opinions or anyone to share whether they've experienced this type of thing or not

I guess first you'll have to know a little bit about my Roxy. She used to be integrated into my group of other females and she formed an attachment with another pig named Scarlet. Well Scarlet died about 2 years ago from a severe illness she had at birth that weakened her and it changed Roxy forever. She suddenly became fearful of the others and would scream her poor little head off or become violent if any of them came near her so we had to remove her and house her alone. We've tried over the years to reintroduce her to them, but we've had no luck. Every single time without fail a fight has broken out and we're both at the point where we don't want to try anymore because of the danger it puts the others in and the stress it puts on her. She seems to do fine by herself. She plays, loves being out with us alone and generally seems pretty happy.

I noticed a few days ago she will randomly start squealing. Nothing about her surroundings or cage has changed and the other guinea pigs are nowhere near her and she can't see them. Its the sound she used to make when a guinea pig would get too close to her and she was fearful. It sounds like pain is the best way I can describe it.

She doesn't have mites, she hasn't lost weight, she's eating and drinking and seemingly having no trouble peeing or pooping. I've felt all over her she doesn't have any sores or injuries that I can feel and doesn't squeal when I touch her. She doesn't seem to be doing it for attention because she has a different squeal/wheek for that. I've been listening for the past hour and she's done this about 5 times. Once she hears my voice she usually stops. I was thinking she might be going blind because her eyes just don't seem to be responsive. If I get near them she won't blink and I have to touch around her eyes to get her to close them and I've recently found her in weird places in her cage like in her hay rack which is something she's never done and she won't eat her daily veggies unless I put them right in front of her. She's not bumping into anything then again the layout of her cage hasn't changed in over a year so she probably has it memorized. I just don't know what to think right now. I'm getting her to the vet as soon as I can, but in the meantime some advice or shared stories would be much appreciated.

Thank you all

11-10-14, 12:06 pm
This is just me but what if she is lonely and wants attention?

11-10-14, 12:21 pm
I thought that could be a possibility too, but her cry for attention is so different and is more of a wheeking noise and when she's been out lately she's kinda been acting like she wants to go back to her cage. This cry is the one all of my girls make when they're in pain or have gotten nipped by one of their sisters. I mean my girls don't fight, but if they have a disagreement they will nip at each other and the one being nipped will cry and its the same sound Roxy is making except she's alone.

11-10-14, 12:33 pm
You sure she's not doing in when she's peeing or pooping? If you can see her when she's making the sound, see if she's rising up on her haunches a little bit. If so, that's a classic sign of a bladder stone or urinary tract infection.

11-10-14, 12:37 pm
Not that I've noticed. I had her out with me on a towel because that's something I wanted to monitor and she peed twice and didn't cry and dropped several poops as well and was acting completely normal. Then again she was out with me and may have been hiding the fact that she was in pain (I don't know why she would, but its a possibility I can't ignore) I'll bring this up with our Vet. Thank you for your post. :)

11-10-14, 12:39 pm
Ahh now I'm making a connection. I just noticed I filled her water bottle last night and it's already half empty. She's drinking more than usual which makes me think UTI.

11-10-14, 02:03 pm

Here is a guinealynx link. It has information and symptoms of a uti.