View Full Version : Rabbit that doesn't like hay?

11-09-14, 10:31 pm
Our 4 year old rabbit, whom we've had a little over a month, doesn't seem to like hay. We've tried Timothy, orchard and bluegrass. He eats very little of it. He gets 1/8 a cup of pellets a day and about a cup of veggies. We've tried multiple types of containers for hay but he just isn't interested. His teeth were checked at the vet last week and are fine but I'm worried about it. Any tips to get him more interested in hay?

11-10-14, 12:25 am
My ten year old rabbit used to do the same thing. Finally I started throwing it on the floor of her cage, and she started eating it all. Since she uses her one potty corner, it doesn't even get peed on like it would with the pigs. She literally ignored the hay if it was in any type of rack.

11-10-14, 12:41 am
Alas I have tried that as well with no luck at all :( I've also put mounds and mounds in the litterbox because I've seen that as well but no luck. He eats little nibbles here and there but no where near what a single pig eats. I don't think he got much hay with his previous owner so I wasn't worried at first but I really thought he'd get the hang of it by now.

11-10-14, 03:33 pm
My ten yr old bunny hates hay too, and I tired every type/ brand. My female isn't crazy about hay either, but will at least eat some. Silly bunnies!

11-10-14, 09:26 pm
From where are you getting your hay? Is it the bagged stuff from a pet store? Maybe you could try a different type from a feed store.

I buy my hay by the bale. But when I wanted to switch from timothy to Bermuda, I asked the feed store if I could bring a sample home so the bunnies could try it first (before committing to an entire bale). They let me have a small bagful of the hay that falls off the bale.

You could perhaps try some different grass hays that way. There is still Bermuda, oatgrass, brome, and meadow grass hays. I would try some other types and from fresher sources. Some bunnies are just so picky!

11-10-14, 10:08 pm
What we have now is from kms. We also had some from the feed store. We're getting some oat grass to try from a friend with rabbits. I'll see what else I can come up with.