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11-09-14, 07:27 pm
Hi everyone. I'm wondering if it's possible for a guinea pig to get infected with a URI from using toys a guinea pig with a previous URI was using/chewing on? Sorry if this is confusing, but one of my pigs passed away several weeks ago, and my remaining pig came down with a URI. I can tell she's hurting without him (on top of being sick), and she's currently taking Baytril for the URI. My question is, if I introduce a new pig to her (after her treatment and the quarantine and everything) is it possible the new pig could be infected with the URI from items she's used in the cage? For instance, I have those colorful bendy Fiddlesticks over the ramps, and she loves to chew on those. If the new pig chews on these, could it be infected with a URI even though she doesn't have it anymore? Is there away I can disinfect these items? Do I need to throw everything out? Or do I not need to worry about it?

11-09-14, 07:31 pm
You need to wash all the fabric items, wipe down all the hard surfaces, and then you don't need to worry about it. Most URIs come from airborne sources, so chewing the Fiddlesticks won't give her a URI.

11-14-14, 10:48 pm
k so i'm adding this to my previous post about my pig, even though this post didn't divulge much into details about her actual experience w/ the URI. ok so here's a little timeline:

10/23 - Snapdragon's cagemate Freddy passed away :'(

10/28 - I bring Snapdragon to the vet after displaying symptoms of URI (raspy wheek, labored and audible breathing, sneezing). Vet says it's def. a URI. Prescribes Baytril. She also tells me Snappy has a slight Vitamin C deficiency and has lost some weight. She got a Vitamin C injection to get her going.

10/29 thru 11/9 - I start supplementing Snappy with 50mg of Vitamin C a day, give her C rich veggies 2x a day, being consistent in giving her pellets. Keep cage very clean. However, she was very lethargic (sat in the littler/hay box 90% of the time) and often hung her head in the corner. I didn't know whether it was because she was still grieving the loss of her cagemate, or if it was because she was sick, or both. Also, Baytril is not helping improve URI symptoms.

11/10 thru Yesterday - Snappy seems to be getting back to her normal self. She's a little more active (getting out of the hay box). Eating like a champ (though she never really stopped eating). She's even letting me pet her (in the 6+ months I've had her, she's never really warmed up to me). But she's still struggling to wheek and make noise! She used to be sooo vocal before this ordeal. The slightest rustle of any plastic bag and she'd be screaming at the top of her lungs -__-. She'll stand up when she sees me coming to let me know she's ready to eat, but no wheeking or squeaking. She's attempted a few times in these past weeks, but she can't get a sound out. It's so sad to listen to :(.

Today - I take Snappy to the vet. They take an x-ray and can't find anything else that could possibly cause her to have these symptoms. Dr. doesn't want to put her on another antibiotic. She tells me perhaps the symptoms are residual from the vitamin C deficiency, and that I should keep supplementing her with plenty of C and if she doesn't improve in a few weeks to bring her back in...Does this sound right? I'm not really sure what to think. Could the vitamin C deficiency really have been causing her struggle wheeking? I mean all in all Snappy seems much better besides that...but I don't know. I would appreciate everyone's input!

Also, can admins please edit the title of this thread. And I replied to the initial post because I couldn't edit it. Are thread starting posts not editable?

11-18-14, 06:22 pm
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