View Full Version : Hallway using coroplast?

06-20-02, 02:52 pm
I have a hallway that is about 4x30 feet. I wanted to know if anyone has made a hallway into a floor time playpen? I think I might do it!
Any suggestions?

06-20-02, 03:29 pm
Hallways make great floortime areas. I get an old sheet (or two or more if you have a longer hallway), lay it down, throw a bunch of sheets of newspaper on top for them to run through and hide in. I close off the hallway with a few grids linked together with cable ties. Insert pigs, a water bottle on the grids, a couple of hidey houses, food, and they are good for a few hours easy! When done, toss the newspapers, shake out the sheet and wash! Great fun. I have photos that I'll try to put up sometime soon.

Forget using Coroplast for it, though. Too permanent, you have to cover it with something anyway, they can't run on the plastic. Too cumbersome to deal with for floor time.

09-07-02, 04:53 pm
The walk-in closet which was the home to our 17 piggies is now empty since the cavies live outdoors, so we use this closet to bring them indoors sometimes to run around in. The walk-in closet also has a window....

09-07-02, 04:59 pm
Also, we just lay down a bunch of newspapers, and let all of the cavies play together. We are very careful not to let the males fight or mate with the females. They also get to play in the garden on Sundays. They have a ball!

09-07-02, 05:03 pm
Small Pet pens seem to be too small.