View Full Version : Fleece How about Shamwow as a liner for potty pads?

11-06-14, 07:07 am
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried, or had an opinion about using shamwow clothes as the liner in potty pads, between two layers of fleece.


I also ordered some samples of Zorb, and was wondering if anyone has experience using this as a liner in potty pads.


Finally, I'll be getting Uhaul blankets for the cage liners. Would this be better than shamwow or Zorb for the potty pads?

Thank you for any suggestions or opinions you can give.

11-06-14, 07:16 am
I tried them when I first started using fleece. They shrink up really small and lose their shape. I switched to uhaul padding which is thicker and more absorbent.