View Full Version : Trouble with giving Meds

11-04-14, 09:09 pm
Pitch is so awful that I can't even get the syringe into his mouth! We tried wrapping him and I'm afraid if I'm any firmer in holding him I'm gonna hurt him. I tried mixing it with banana and applesauce but I can't get him to eat it all. Any other suggestions?!

11-04-14, 10:17 pm
You're using the needleless syringe with the tip cut off, right?

Wrap him like a burrito and tuck him under your arm, like a football. It helps if you do it on the kitchen counter where he can have his feet on something and you're just trying to control him rather than hold him.

Have the other person insert the syringe into his mouth at a 90 degree angle. It should look like you're trying to push it through the other side of his mouth. Put it in just behind his front teeth and in front of his back teeth, and insert it half an inch or so. Then turn it so it's pointing toward his throat, insert it another quarter of an inch, and give the medication, about .2 cc at a time. Don't take the syringe out in between. If he's chewing, he's swallowing.

You can get quite a firm grip on his head to do this, but try not to put pressure on his lower jaw -- you don't want to dislocate that.

You can also flavor the stuff with something he really likes. I used to mask the taste of medicine for mine with cilantro. But some pigs will take medicine pretty easily if you just offer them the syringe.

11-04-14, 11:05 pm
This is a rabbit. I didn't cut the tip because it's already pretty small. He's quite a kicker! I haven't tried putting him up on a counter because I'm afraid if he kicks hard he'll fall. I'll be honest, we lost our last rabbit to a broken leg so I'm very nervous about the whole thing. We did wrap him up and try to hold him like you said. The videos make it look so easy but he struggles so hard. Even with the two of us we can't get him still long enough to even get it in his mouth. I'm so frustrated. We'll just keep trying I guess. I'll try putting him on a counter and doing the football hold. I appreciate the advice though!

11-04-14, 11:53 pm
It really helps to have a second person to assist. I've only had dwarf rabbits and even they are a bit much to restrain and medicate alone.

11-05-14, 12:09 am
There are two of us :( I just feel so outta my depth here. I'm usually the one who everyone else calls to do this kind of stuff. I've never had so much trouble giving Meds before.

11-05-14, 05:43 pm
Woohoo, success! Got Pitch into a baby cuddle hold and got his Meds into him. Now I just have to cross my fingers that that will work again later tonight!

11-05-14, 07:33 pm
For my pigs, I take a baby carrot and hollow out a hole in it. Then I fill it up with the meds and feed it to the pigs. It works really well.