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11-04-14, 02:03 pm
Hi there -- we adopted our piggy about a week ago and she hasn't had much to drink at all. She's getting plenty of timothy hay (which she loves), veggies (mostly romaine and carrots) and pellets. I've seen her go to the water bottle, take a few licks and then move on. Its a 12oz bottle that we refill daily with fresh water. I bet she doesn't take in more than 1 oz per day.

Should I be worried? She eats plenty and her poop looks fine. She is peeing. She's social and doesn't seem distressed.

Is she still getting used to her new surroundings and people? Is she still getting used to the bottle? Should I get a different bottle to try?

Is it too early for me to worry?

11-04-14, 02:15 pm
She's still settling in. Put her hidey close to the water bottle so she doesn't have to come far out in the open. Also make sure her veggies are wet, and she'll get extra water that way.

11-04-14, 07:01 pm
I agree with bpatters, you could try making sure the veggies are wet. Some good veggies are carrots, Bell pepper, or a little lettuce, make sure the lettuce is not iceberg lettuce, iceberg lettuce can make guinea pigs have kidney problems. Ace loves bell pepper. Also, stick with the same bottle for about a month and if the problem continues, consider another bottle. Some pigs take longer than others to get used to everything. Ace Doesn't like baby carrots, which most pigs like. Also, you can move the bottle. Maybe They don't want to be too far away from their hiding spot.

11-04-14, 07:20 pm
iceberg lettuce can make guinea pigs have kidney problems

I don't think that's true at all. I can't find any research that supports that. The problem with iceberg is that it has almost no nutrients -- it's mostly crunchy water.