View Full Version : Conditions Cold temperatures, what happens?

11-02-14, 02:45 pm
A question I've been wondering for a while. If pigs don't get URI's from being too cold and I know they can't possibly get "a cold". Then what can happen when they get too cold? Nothing? No illness of any kind? Like a pigs just freezing for a bit then if they warm back up (hopefully)... nothing will develop internally from it?

I've been trying to find out what happens but can't seem to. Any help is appreciated, thank you. :)

11-02-14, 02:54 pm
Well, we have one pig on the forum that was dug out from under a snowbank in sub-freezing temperatures. He'd been there, under an impenetrable thorn bush, for several nights before they managed to catch him. He was fine -- plenty hungry, but fine.

If they're incubating an illness, the stress of prolonged cold can make the illness develop faster, or make it worse. If not, and they're not exposed to freezing temperatures long enough to kill them, they're usually ok.

11-02-14, 02:55 pm
Just like humans, I'd guess that being cold puts stress on the body and suppresses the immune system, making it more likely that a pig would get a URI or other infection. The infection would still be caused by the bacteria, but the cold is definitely a contributing factor.

11-02-14, 03:24 pm
They can get hypothermia and their systems can shut down. Being cold is very uncomfortable and that's enough reason for me to keep my guinea pigs indoors. With the cold, often comes dampness. Their fur and bedding can get wet which will make them even colder.