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Nuremberg Angel
10-29-14, 09:06 pm
Hi there! Joined this group to get tips and ideas for my sons two guinea pigs, Jazz and Cocoa. I had a guinea pig about 20 yrs ago and was very suprised with how much the care and keeping of these delightful creatures has changed.
A lil more on Jazz and Cocoa. We got them from an older lady who rescued them from her niece who decided she didn't want them anymore and was going to release them into the northeastern Ohio wilderness!
To the best of my ability and as far as I can tell they are both boys. Right now they are in two separate pet store typical cages that came with them. This is temporary.
I will most likely be asking alot of questions that doing web searches did not answer. Thanks for your time and have great day! !

10-29-14, 09:23 pm
Welcome to the forum!

Click on the Main tab at the top of this forum, and read more about cages and recommended cage sizes. There are good articles at www.cavyspirit.com, and a good care guide at www.guinealynx.info. The stickies at the top of the categories on this site also have good information.

And we need pictures of Jazz and Cocoa!

Nuremberg Angel
10-29-14, 09:35 pm
Awesome! Thanks! I'll post pics of them as soon as I figure out how lol. I had done some research into c&c cages but I'm worried that it won't hold against pur big dog and sneaky cat. So other ideas are very welcome!

Nuremberg Angel
10-29-14, 09:37 pm
Oh I guess I did figure out the picture thing lol. The solid black is Jazz and the brown and white is Cocoa.

10-29-14, 09:43 pm
Hi there and welcome to the forum!

10-29-14, 09:46 pm
My cage is made of closet shelving -- you can see it on my profile. It stands up just fine to our two dogs and sneaky cat.

Nuremberg Angel
10-29-14, 09:56 pm
Nice cage! I'm not sure something like that would work for us though. Our dog is not only big but very smart (he can over jars and not leave a scratch on it) and I caught him popping the door open on one of the cages. I have to use old leash snaps to keee him out >. <

10-29-14, 10:05 pm
That what I use on mine. Or carabiner clips -- they're a little easier to get off. Just be sure to fasten the cage to whatever stand you put it on so it can't be pushed off.

Your dogs and pigs will likely come to co-exist without much problem. Our pigs cowered at the back of the cage for a week or so while the dogs were jumping up to see them, but now they go nose to nose when the dogs even bother to come by the cage. And that's usually in the hopes of hoovering up some poop that's been flung on the floor rather than out of any interest in the pigs.

Nuremberg Angel
10-29-14, 10:18 pm
Oddly enough the piggies have never been scare of the dog...minus the door incident. My husband was talking about maybe building a big multi level hutch like cage. We measured the space where it would sit and configured that each level would be about 1 1/2' wide by 3 to 4 feet long. Give or take a inch or two. Would that be ok for them?
My son is super excited right now because he just saved up enough money to buy his piggies a play pen gor floor time. lol

10-30-14, 07:22 am
Pigs like to do what we call "zoomies" where they run around like crazy creatures. It's good exercise for them, and fun to watch. But they need room to do that, and it needs to be all on one level.

The basic recommendation for cage size for one pig is about 7.5 square feet -- that's almost a 2' x 4' cage. So what you're proposing is below the minimum size for even one pig. They don't tend to use a second level as much as a main level, so they wouldn't be getting the benefit of double the space. Take a look through the cages in the photo galleries for ideas on how to make a bigger cage than you think you have room for -- your pigs will appreciate it.