View Full Version : Hi kinda new here

10-29-14, 11:03 am
Hi my name is Amari and I own one piggy name rhino and I'm hoping to get another one and I'm sorry if I make a pointless topic this is my first time into a forum. So I just wanted to say Hi and introduced myself [emoji4]

10-29-14, 12:00 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum! :)

10-29-14, 12:08 pm
Hi Amari, welcome. You have one more piggy than me. I'm here right now to learn about guinea pigs. I should be getting them probably around February. I'm moving in January to a place where I can have pets, currently I'm not allowed anything in the animal kingdom. I can't wait. I can't wait to see pigtures of Rhino, please post when you can!! lol

10-29-14, 09:17 pm
Hello and welcome to the forum! We'd love to see a pigture of Rhino if you can manage it.